B1G Scholarship Change - Bye Bye Oversigning?

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According to @MattBaxendell (who I think is a Bucknuts writer), a B1G-bound recruit received his LOI to sign and it states that the scholarship is for four years (i.e. it's not a one year renewable offer). That's absolutely huge since it seems to disallow B1G schools from booting guys that don't perform as expected.

My question is this - will oversigning still happen in the B1G, albeit it in a varied manner? Basically, will coaches coerce kids to transfer to a different school in order to "more fully realize their potential"? How does this practically impact recruiting and oversigning? 

N.B. I doubt it will impact OSU this fall since only the incoming freshman will have the four-year LOI, whereas current players who Meyer may want to boot signed the one-year renewable LOI.



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According to this article http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2012/01/maxed_out_with_scholarships_oh.html

nobody in the Big Ten has ever tried to oversign:

"Asked what the penalties there may be for violating the good faith nature of the conference's monitoring, Hawley said he wasn't sure because it hasn't happened before."

I assume there is a clause for kicking out players who have gotten in trouble with the law or have sucky grades, in which case, it's not much different than what we have today.



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Not to defend sparty, but kids leave school or stop playing football for many reasons. That number indicates they had 19 leave school or drop out of football for whatever reason. Look at Michigans last four classes including the current one, I bet it is a big number. I have not heard of kids being asked to greyshirt or just not getting their scholarship in the big ten. In fact, I don't think this will actually have an impact on any Big Ten school, except to help recruits understand that we have a bit more integrity.


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 The Big Ten doesn't really oversign. The most a B1G school can sign in any class is 28 and that's only allowed to compensate for attrition. So if it never was a problem before I don't see it becoming one in the future.

 I've also never heard of a Big Ten school not honoring a scholarship for 4 years even if it was a year to year renewable scholarship.

 Urban Meyer is a shadey recruiter , but he never oversigned. Georgia and the University of florida are the main schools in the SeC trying to combat oversigning.

Maize and Blue…

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if the conference really wanted to make sure that no one oversigned the concentration would be on the 85 limit and not 25 per year which gives you an extra 15 over the four year max.  I agree the Big isn't one of the players in the oversigning bowl, but concentrating on a yearly max certainly doesn't prevent oversigning.

As for Urban, maybe University policy prevented him from oversigning.  He barely punished guys at Florida with the massive rap sheet the players accumulated during his tenure, but has already booted two non starters off the team at Ohio.  One for a lesser offense than most of the charges players incurred at UF.  Ohio fans will think he's a disciplanarian like Dantonio until Urb lets one of the big timers skate for doing something worse.


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I think some coaches could potentially be less lenient on rule-violations. A third string scholarship junior got caught speeding? Not at this University, you're gone.

That would be pretty harsh, but who knows.


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So what will happen to walk-ons who earn scholarships?  Under the current system, it's fairly common for a walk-on to receive a full ride (if he's good enough to earn one) for one school year, with the understanding that the scholarship might not be renewed in case the coach needs to use it in recruiting.  If all scholarships become four-year pledges, does that mean this scenario can't ever happen again?  Will the school be required to honor the former walk-on's scholarship to the end?


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From my understanding, all the NCAA did was authorize conferences to authorize higher payments and multi-year scholarships.

If you had a real Saban character, he could offer 5*'s four years, 4*'s three and on down the line. For schools like Michigan, you can still offer the one-year, but you're able to offer more to help combat a lot of the oversigning problems that other schools have.


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It just seems like 4 year scholies would be less paperwork no? I mean every year the kid has to sign new paperwork which is just pointless. 

1. 4 year guaranteed scholarship offer

2. less paperwork, recruiting tool, general good feeling


4. Profit