B1G Network 2 debut

Submitted by UMxWolverines on December 19th, 2012 at 7:34 PM

From Hammer and Rails:


5-6 am - "Morning ACL Rehab" - Maryland and Purdue combine to start your day with your morning workout to recover from your latest ACL surgery

6-7 am - "The Dating Game" - Jim Delaney tries once again to woo Notre Dame into the conference

7-8 am - "Good Morning, Champaign!" - The student-run morning show live from the University of Illinois.

8-9 am - "The Wal-Mart Wolverine Hour" - Self- Explanatory!

Ed-S: not polite to c&p the whole thing.



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Yeah, I thought it was well done.  Obviously there could have been better ones but half of them I thought were done perfectly and laughed pretty good.  I'm in Iowa so that struck close to home.  The "Hoarders" I thought was great too.

It was done in good taste, too, which in this day in age "shock value" and having a nasty attitude toward everything always trumps "clever"/witty humor, making me enjoy it a bit more.  Upon typing the last sentence, I will say the Big Ten these days deserves to be sh*t on.

M Fanfare

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I'm disappointed with the Michigan programming. It should be something like:

"Tailgate Like a Michigan Man: Your guide to the finest gameday wines and cheeses."

Followed by: "Watch the Game like a Michigan Man: How to Sit Down, Shut Up, and Express Only Quiet Frustration for Four Quarters."


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Damn.  Dish is already in a contract dispute with The B1G Network 2.

By the way, The B1G has also announced a name change to "The Dos", in hopes that the hip name will bring in younger viewers.


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It is a shame that "The Cheeses Of Wisconsin" will not be hosted by Bret Bielema, but I imagine that Gary Andersen will fill in nicely. Like others, I would definitely tune in for RoTel recipes as well - who wouldn't like to add one to the arsenal?

Something I would like to see in addition to "Cops: Iowa City" is a Hawkeye-themed soap opera now that Greg Davis is the OC - the introduction should lead into the title, a closeup of the 3rd-and-5 diagram...."Like screen passes through the tight  end's hands, so are the third downs of our lives..."


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A lecture on ethics in modern recruiting by OSU's athletic director Gee - 1:00-1:02.

The full story of Michigan State's national title seasons - 1:02 - 1:02.

An infomercial on couch burning techniques by MSU students - 1:02 - 2:00.


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Sadly, we're still waiting for BTN on local cable in New Orleans. I wonder how many centuries it would be before they added (a fictional) second network.


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Midnight-2am - "They're Cheating Bastards, I Tell You!: The Maurice Clarett Story" This is a nightly talk show where Maurice Clarett airs his latest grievances against the Ohio St. Buckeyes.

  • At the end of each episode they should have Gene Smith come out and have an intervention with Clarett, at which point he solemnly declares he was lying about everything and they hug and OSU's compliance staff declares the school completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

8-9 am - "The Wal-Mart Wolverine Hour" - Self- Explanatory!

  • Not really. After one episode where a guy goes into a Wal-Mart in Grand Rapids and buys a puffy jacket it'll be over. We can do so much better than this. How about Good Morning Michigan Man. You know, it can be like pro tips on a la Orson whenever he talks about Michigan. And he can go and interview other Michigan fans. It should be earlier though because as we know a Michigan Man always arrives at his office before 8:30.

10-11 am - "New York Knights! - Rutgers alums wander the streets of Manhattan seeing if anyone really cares they are in the Big Ten, or even knows they are near New York City.

2-3 pm - "Sparty and Friends cartoon hour" choice programming for Little Brothers.

  • Your hosts gotta be the people who do the infomercials for the Gathering of the Juggalos

7-7:30 pm - "Can You Tackle Montee Ball?" - The nightly game show where contestants in Indianapolis try to tackle Montee Ball After he torched Indiana, Purdue, and Nebraska in the state of Indiana in 2012

  • Like with the beginning of this season, occasionally they take away his offensive line and hilarity ensues.

7:30-8 pm - "Great Goons of Big Ten Hockey" - Only half an hour since half the conference has hockey.

  • Can't we just make this part of the Sparty show?

11-midnight - "Why We’re Your Rival, Now." - Each school gets to explain why they are a Most Hated Rival of another.

  • Michigan is gonna end up being that guy in the daytime talk shows who's sitting in the chair while they bring out like 10 women who say they're his girlfiends.


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  • "" """""Michigan is gonna end up being that guy in the daytime talk shows who's sitting in the chair while they bring out like 10 women who say they're his girlfiends.


"And the test results for baby Maryland?!  It's positive, it's Michigan's!!!"...Crowd cheers and jeers while the bald, stocky security-type bouncer guy holds Michigan State back from attacking.