B1G Meeting team reps: Denard, Jordan Kovacs, Lewan

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Is this some small sign that Lewan is being shopped for national awards and is gone after 2012?

Michigan -- and most others -- generally take Seniors to the meeting.  There are of course many exceptions.  But...

Not that a summer meeting-invite makes any difference as to how Lewan's future in the NFL will play out.




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I used to be pissed off when players left early.  Now, I want them to leave if it's in their own best interests.  Recruiting has changed, and having players in the NFL and NBA is probably one of the best recruiting tools out there.  

If a school has a reputation as one that embraces good players and advises them honestly on whether it is in their best interest to leave, it certainly can't hurt on the recruiting trail.  Ultimately, it is the coach's responsibility to players as young men to advise them when it is "their time." 

Even with "slotting" and rookie caps, first round draft picks get as much as a fifteen year financial "head start" on the typical graduate.  Also, the politics have changed a bit, especially in basketball, and underclassmen are more likely to be drafted high than seniors.  

When players leave a year early and cost themselves money while hurting the team, I get somewhat irritated.  When it's in their best interest to leave, though, it would be hypocritical and selfish to want them to stay.  A degree doesn't guarantee $500K-$10M, but a first round contract can.



turd ferguson

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Could be. Also could just be the coaching staff making it clear to Lewan that he's a team leader now, so the undisciplined Taylor Lewan of 2010 needs to be a thing of the past.


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Jake Long was a captain at the same point in his career and came back for his 5th year.  Lewan is a Senior so seems like a great choice. 


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Worth mentioning from the article...

"Michigan star quarterback Denard Robinson will speak on behalf of the players in attendance. It marks the second consecutive season a quarterback from the state of Michigan will deliver the keynote speech. Last year, of course, Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins delighted with his speech."

MGJS SuperKick Party

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I am so excited for his speech. He is a great person, and that smile can truely light up the room.

Is lame as it sounds, the thought of Denard leaving campus makes me sad. He is such a unique person, and we will never have another person like Denard. I am going to try to enjoy every snap that he takes this year.


MGJS SuperKick Party

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I am going to place my bet on some Eye Rolls and some Scowling (typical Mark Dantonio stuff). I think with all of the other coaches there he will behave himself (hopefully). After the speech I am sure there will be a comment about how Cousin's speech was better.

I have a buddy who had classes with Cousins, he said can a really nice guy, but can also have a huge ego and a huge douchebag. He does seem like a nice enough guy, and hes really well spoken. It is pretty cool that the past 2 keynote speakers have been quarterbacks Michigan universities.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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But in Cousins defense, none of us had a clue what was going on then, Joepa did look like a man of integrity, granted it was all smoke and mirrors. In my opinion, I was more surprised by Joe Paterno than the whole Tiger Woods situation.

But looking back, Cousins would look like a toolbag if he did the speech today.


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to include the grouchy faced fellow in a thread about Michigan''s Big 10 Meeting Representatives? We are beginning to act like sparty.


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Great choices to represent the University of Michigan. Denard will flash that great smile and exude the optimism that all have come to expect from him.* Jordan will offer an excellent feel-good story about the importance of perseverance. And we’ll learn whether Taylor Lewan Version 2.0 (or "Twosie," for fans of that two-seater bicycle) has kept the fun-loving attitude while embracing the serious side of being the "Leaders and Best."

For the writer who bemoans the Big Ten not having invited William Gholston to the event, considering Gholston’s past interaction with Taylor Lewan, it was a wise decision for MSU to keep Gholston away from this event. Should be interesting to see how Taylor gets along with Zach Boren.

The speech at last year’s Big Ten Media Days Kickoff Luncheon from Kirk Cousins was impressive. Denard has a tough act to follow, but it will be nice to hear this year’s speech end with "Go Blue!"

>*If President Obama makes a surprise appearance at the event, Denard can repay the props and say, "I hear Barack Obama’s in the house!"