B1G Media Days July 23-24 (Michigan Last Tomorrow)

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Coverage begins at 12:30 pm ET tomorrow. Michigan's Jim Harbaugh will speak to the media last on Monday. There will be a couple of announcements tomorrow that provide a little insight into the program. After last week's news about Grant Newsome, I am sure there will be plenty of questions about his status. What are you hoping to hear tomorrow?




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Sorry, stepped away for a few minutes. Grant received some good news last week. He is a lot closer to being cleared. He has one more gate to pass through. Some thought he was fully cleared to participate in fall practice. Let's just say he is very close. Rivals Chris Balas wrote an article last week and covered it really well. I think everyone is rooting for him, but expectations should be tempered.


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I should add that Rivals John Borton and Doug Karsch covered this on the radio last week. 

In addition, I was able to gather a little more on it. One close to it said, "he has a "chance" to make it back, but he is not there yet." So, this could go in several different directions. He could start practicing and not quite be ready, he could start practicing and do well, he still could end up taking a medical scholarship after all. It's all speculation until he is fully cleared and evaluated by the doctors and staff on and off the field as he progresses. 

Bottom line, if there is ever a young man to root for, it is Grant Newsome. He has been a fantastic ambassador of the university!

The Fugitive

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1. Who the starters are (#HALOL).

2. Confirmation of home night game opponent and times. 

3. How hard is Jim going to slap Mork on the back after they beat Staee this year.

4. Is Bench Mason going to play 100% of the available snaps.

5. Team Captains / Which game is C-Webb the Honorary Capitan.

6. I've lost my train of thought.


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The Chris Balas article on Rivals about Grant Newsome's status is behind a paywall.  That might explain why that news has been hidden from those of us who still check MGoBlog 3.0 for information about the 2018 Michigan Wolverines football team. It's good to be reminded that umbig11 has far more inside information about the team than most of us do.

Because of the "Glitch Switch" to MGoBlog 3.0, I don't always check this site as frequently as I did in years past, but when I do, I check the MGoBlog 3.0 mainly to learn whether umbig11 has anything new to report AND whether any fixes have been made.  Stay Hangry, my friends, and Go Blue!

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