The B1G just laid a massive egg today

Submitted by Jinxed on January 1st, 2011 at 8:12 PM
At this point, OSU can only makes things worse. Msu gets rolled, Penn loses, Wisco loses, NW loses, we get rolled... This offseason won't be pretty.. And forget about having two conference teams in BCS games from now on.



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and won 1000 dollars gambling. the only game i didnt bet was michigan. I dont even bet. but i did have an argument with some buckeye fans about the big ten today. i told them if michigan cant win no one else should either. i loved watching the linebacker carder for tcu laying the wood on tolzien and the badger runningbacks. i enjoyed flipping over and seeing Mich. st. getting blasted. I also loved florida taking that pick 6 back to beat the nittany joe pa's. And no im not drunk.


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Time for us to unveil the shiny new LOLB1G tag! 

As for me, I feel like a 6 year old. If we can't win, no one should be able to win. Suck it Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan State. Join us in our misery, jerks.

Slippery Rock …

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I was thinking the same thing.  Big ten plopped out a big steamer today.  We are now officially in college football limbo until the infamous press conference can tell us who to rally behind.  Argh


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Not sure why we won't get two BCS game again? Wisconsin game came down to the wire and OSU has yet to play.

Also the Big Ten teams usually are matched up with a higher ranked team in their bowl games. I agree though it wasn't a good showing today.


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This is why making fun of ytmsu just made me feel worse. 0-5 on the one day all year that everyone is watching.  I really don't think we're that bad as a conference, but the national media reaction isn't going to be pretty.  And, I'll say it: go tOSU.


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0-5!!! WTF!!! How many coaches are gonna look at this and say " the big shame ain't shit!! " This is gonna have an effect on alot of recruits in the future I think.....


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How was today worse than the year they went 1-6? There is also a fairly decent chance that OSU beats Arkansas and so the Big Ten would be a poor 3-5 but not anything to break up the conference over. 


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I forgot....the media is going to nuke the shut outta us!! Armageddon Time!!! I bet Mark Mays head explodes and they use Holtzs spittle to put out the flames!!


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The conference was 2-0 (against the big 12, no less), and then future conference peer Nebraska laid that massive egg against a horrible Washington squad.  They wrecked the conference mojo.

And that may have been karma that just walked by...


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We need to be able to recruit 100 kids, then screw 15 of them out of their scholarships the way the SEC does.

Or, we could do what we are doing and treat the kids with class.

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And our ability (as a conference) to travel well.  And our large and loyal fan bases.  Big Ten teams are too attractive a draw, which leads us into many, many overmatched bowl games. 

Our strength is our weakness. 

If our conference lacked the clout it has, we would field 3-5 bowl teams, and play crappy opponents, and likely win.  But (in my uneducated opinion) we make more money - as a conference - sending many teams to bowls and losing, rather than sending fewer and winning.

But whatever.  I also lobbied on this board for Gerg and more RR.  So what the fuck do I know.


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It was Delany who negotiated or at least approved the matchups.  There is no way a top 25 program should be playing a program that is barely in the top 50.  Nebraska will add depth and help the matchups next year.  If Nebraska was there this year, they probably would have played Florida, giving Mississippi State to PSU and pushing Michigan down to a matchup against someone like Baylor or TTU. 

PSU has the athletes/experience/size to keep up with Mississippi State; Michigan is a year away.  MSU and Wiscy would have lost anyway, but the two "swing games" against Florida and Mississippi State might have ended up looking a lot different.

At any rate, it all changes next year. Luckily, the fickle MSM has a short memory; the Big Ten will have a chance to impress them next year and get their respect back. 


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Next year, if the Big 10 has 2 teams in the Top 10 at the end of the regular season, there will be 2 Big 10 teams in BCS bowls.

This non-issue of coference superiority is all meaningless - if Oregon wins the MNC it won't matter what the rest of the Pac 10 does and the SEC's bowl record will have no impact.

However, it really was a down year for the Big 10 and the bowl futility just highlights that.  Who are the impact players in the conference?  Are any of the QB's for the top teams really any good?


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Makes all the stats about the strength of the Big 10 this year irrelevant. Everyone will see this and say their perception of the Big 10 as a weak conference has been confirmed. Even going 11-1 isn't impressive.


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Ehh, Wiscy played tough and blew it, PSU totally choked that game away, Sparty was supposed to get pounded and NW hung tougher than they should've considering the circumstances. Nobody will write that, but it's what happened.


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The big ten has done poorly on a national level for 40 years.    

  • 1-9 in the rose bowl in the 70s.      
  • 1.5 national titles since 1968 (not counting penn state's 2 prior to joining)
  • 1 rose bowl win this decade

But the recruiting has been fairly consistent.  As painful as it is, the SEC has been a better football conference over the last 40 years.


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Yea we got fucked up, bad. But the worse part was that 3 possibly 4 loses are to the SEC. That's what bothers me, more fuel for "we down here are fast, and good, SEC RULES, Big Ten slow and ass". I hate them.


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I don't get Michigan fans who revel in today's five losses by the teams in our conference. It is clearly better for the Wolverines for our Big Ten competitors to win their bowls and improve the image of our conference. Even if we don't win our game, we should root for them to win theirs.

Reading many of the above posts it is clear that there's a lot of bitter "if we have a bad day I want everyone to have a bad day" attitudes. Those folks are shortsighted and foolish.

Go Michigan and Go Big Ten!