B1G Coaches Hot Seat

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Maize and Blue Nation had a nice article on B10 (I refuse to acknowledge B1G) coaches on the hot seat-good read.


YES I did a search and apologies in advance if posted already.

Does Jerry Kill look like Goldie?



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I don't buy it. He's loved there, and will continue to be. NU should be happy that he'll bring them to relevance every few years and be respectable in the others.

Honestly I think they'll be pretty good this year and get a shot at the Outback/Alamo/Gator Bowls.


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That's a really wrong-headed analysis on Fitz. (Theirs, not yours). Basically, he's untouchable. Three bowls in three years, prodigal son, understands the institution. He could survive multiple sub-.500 years. He'll be at NU as long as he wants to stay.


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Exactly. He's a damn good coach from what we've seen, he's an alum and former player and he "gets" Northwestern. Plus he wins at an above average rate for them. They were a couple bounces away from a really good season last year.


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I'm surprised he thinks Fitzgerald is in that much trouble. I would imagine that NW fans have no illusions about how hard it is to win there, and any coach with an overall winning record there should be safe as houses.

For the other division, I would say that Zook and Hope need a good year. Bielema and Wilson are safe for now. Tressel is a dead man walking, but how the team does this year is completely irrelevant. I think he'll be allowed to step down. Paterno is a special case. He probably only has a year or two left and won't be fired, but might be hustled into retirement like Bobby Bowden if they have a bad year.


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Fitzgerald is not in any trouble.  First, it's Northwestern - their expectations aren't that high.  Second, he's done pretty well, posting three winning seasons in a row.  And third, he's basically their Charles Woodson.  He'd probably have to suck for an extended amount of time (like 3-4 years) before he'd get the ax.


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I think they have their heads on straight. Recently they've hired a marketing team, evidence that they're not completely clueless that they don't sell out their stadium, and they've been good to Fitzgerald so far.

Honestly I think it's a good move for them; they get a coach they probably couldn't keep otherwise, Fitzgerald gets to take his alma mater and bring them up, maybe even to the level it seems Stanford is (was) headed.


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That's not going to happen.  It wouldn't have happened at Minnesota if Mason had gone to school there, either.  Mason's an old Buckeye and openly lusted after the OSU job when it became open in 2001.  That damaged his standing at Minnesota, and their fans never forgot it.  You're never going to see Fitzgerald do something like that.


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With all of the coaching changes after last season, I don't think anyone in the Big10 is really on the hot seat with the exception of Zook who almost doesn't count because he perpetually lives there and Tressel whose situation I wouldn't describe as "on the hot seat," which to me suggests pressure to succeed on the field. Danny Hope, maybe, I guess.


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If you remember I was one of the very few guys defending you on the board so no...that wasnt sarcastic at all.  I actually believe that an open blog should welcome debate and people with different opinions on issues they care about.  As crazy, naive and "flamebaiting" as that sentiment is.

Welcome back.


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This was said a million times during the Great Dudeness Meltdown of 2010 (or whenever it was, I don't really care): it wasn't his opinion people didn't like, it was the fact that he was being a raging ass hole about everything.

That said, welcome back Dudeness. Here's hoping the board stops down-modding you (or whatever you want to call it now) on sight. I keep having to click these greyed out bars to find totally non-trolling/flamebaiting comments from you, which is kind of annoying.


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Hope is in trouble. I have read on at least two occasions that he isn't well-liked by the decision makers there and that he doesn't recruit well enough for them to compete at the expected level.  

There is just no excitement or buzz around that program with their fans. I would think Mike Leach would bring that.


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is that Northwestern has that 'real cute coach'.  I hope they kick that POS to the curb before the season even starts. I kid, I kid. He's the perfect coach for them.