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I follow someone on Twitter who is a Wisconsin fan (in addition to other stuff which is why I follow him) and he retweeted that the Wisconsin tickets for the championship game sold out in a very short amount of time. Don't recall what it was, and I will try to find it.


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How about you get paid 75 bucks to go???  (Assuming this is legit)


link: http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/evg/2727703432.html

Event Seat-Filler (Indianapolis / Downtown)

Date: 2011-11-29, 9:24PM EST
Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

Saturday night event in downtown Indianapolis needs seat-fillers. Total number of seat-fillers needed will vary based on crowd.

Must tolerate loud noise and crowds. Must have red or dark green casual clothing to wear. Event will last all evening on Saturday night. All ages, sexes, races, etc.

Please use contact e-mail. Event planner will follow-up with exact details on location for staging of seat-fillers (additional information and instruction provided there).

  • Location: Indianapolis / Downtown
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: 75 dollars, parking validation and access to event

PostingID: 2727703432


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Almost?  I'd go to pretty much any game that I can think of if I had free tickets, but getting paid to go?  I'm there.  Unfortunately, I don't live close enough (though I doubt that ad is real).


November 30th, 2011 at 10:48 AM ^

I agree.  I would think people would go just for an excuse to hang around downtown Chicago.  Even if you're an MSU fan, and you think you're going to get killed, you might go just to have some fun.  Not sure how much fun going to Indy would be.


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Well according to the story below Wisconsin was given an allotment of 15,000 tickets, I doubt they would give one school more than the other so MSU probably only had to sell 15,000. There's probably 15,000 diehard/Alums from MSU that want to watch their team play 3 hours from East Lansing.




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#HALOL I was pissed at first because my Spartan side of the family hit me up for my tickets and I gave them the family discount of face value...but now I look like a genius!

Blue in Seattle

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or at least the main point of this article is that the early sales of tickets to the Non-Spartans and Non-Badgers are now being dumped on the market. 

B1G Championship Lacks Buzz

It's easy to search for, but I think when Brian wrote up his opinion on the Championship Game location he was for selecting one of the particpating teams to be the host.  I'm thinking the theory of picking the location early so that the event can be promoted is not quite as successful a plan as everyone imagined.  I guess this game isn't quite as prominent as the Super Bowl yet.

Wettin 3's

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Imagine if only we had beaten MSU and taken their spot...that stadium would be sold out probably. Because you know, we actually have aumni that have "real" jobs who can afford tix...

Darth Wolverine

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It's freaking UW and Sparty. The only people who care about those schools are alumni and those who live in Madison/East Lansing (and surrounding communities). They just don't have the national draw that teams like Michigan, Ohio, and Nebraska have. Basically, NO ONE REALLY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THOSE TWO TEAMS.

I love how Sparty fans think their team is elite though. If they were elite, these tickets would be a lot more expensive than that.


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The problem with neutral site conference championship games is that both teams will be going to a major bowl game shortly thereafter. That means fans are expected to travel and stay overnight for the CCG and then again for a bowl game. It's asking a lot, especially in a down economy.

The B10 should closely watch how the P12's CCG goes the next couple of years. In the P12, the CCG is hosted by the team with the best record. I realize the Midwest is cold in December and all of our CFB stadiums are outdoors, but the CCG still would easily sell out every year if it was held at the home field of one of the participants. And that is despite the fact that the most likely locations (i.e., Michigan, PSU, OSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin) all have significantly larger seating capacities than any NFL stadium in the B10 footprint. It would also further strengthen demand for season tickets for most of the schools, because season ticketholders would be entitled to first rights to CCG tickets (similar to what is done in MLB, NFL, etc).