B1G Bowl Outlook Open Thread

Submitted by 1464 on January 2nd, 2012 at 12:07 PM

I figure that since the Big 10 has four concurrent games this afternoon, as well as the Rose Bowl tonight, we could use a thread to reflect on the Big 10's bowl fortunes this year.  In an anti-homer move, I have all the Big 10 teams losing today in my confidence pool.  I have the B1G going 2-8 total, with Michigan and Purdue the only wins.  Illinois already improved on that, but I wouldn't be surprised now to see anywhere from 3-7 to 5-5 for the Big 10 this season.  Anything outside of that will be pretty shocking, I think.

I think our best shot for a win today is probably the Gator Bowl, as it appears that PSU has fallen apart since JoPa's firing.  Does anyone know if McGloin will be able to play? 


EDIT: We have a total of five games today, guess I lost track.  It sucks that nearly half our conference bowl games are on at once... 



January 2nd, 2012 at 12:18 PM ^

We have 4 concurrent this afternoon (TicketCity - PSU, Outback - MSU, Capital One - Nebraska, Taxslayer - OSU) plus the Rose tonight.... big day for the B10. I think we go 3-2 with PSU, MSU and OSU winning (unfortunately, since the latter two are the only two B10 teams I will not root for).

The Baughz

January 2nd, 2012 at 12:24 PM ^

I think South Carolina's D will be too much for Nebraska. Also think Alshon Jeffrey will have a huge day. I really hate to say it, but i think Ohio will be the only B1G team to win today. Hope Im wrong, but they have the most favorable match up imo.


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I think this may be the year the Bg Ten starts to turn The Tide. It really stinks to keep hearing SEC this and SEC that. Maybe I feel this way since I got into college football in 2006 when the SEC started becoming the JV league for the NFL but I want Big Ten teams winning interleague games, especially games against the SEC. For today, Go Big Ten.


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really burned TUO$ this morning, hopefully someone DVR'd it and will post the video.

I have the BIG only winning three bowls, one of which was PSU and the others being Illinois and Michigan.


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  I actually think OSU will win (though I'm not happy about it), and I really want MSU to win, just cause of the B1G-SEC showdown factor, Nebraska could go either way but USC will pull it out, Wisconsin will score a lot, but Oregon will score a lot more and PSU is PSU....I'm thinking 2-3 on the day (OSU and either Neb or MSU)


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damn it. really is pathetic how bad the Big10 is. The matchups were not that difficult this year and no reason the Big10 should have been swept or 1-4 at best today. Big10 offenses are just flat out bad.

hopefully Oregon has 8 tos and Wiscy lucks into a win. I know UM will take care of business.

Yost Ghost

January 3rd, 2012 at 2:28 PM ^

Maybe someone can help me out here because I'm at a loss. I don't get why there this all this talk about the B1G being down when their teams are perpetually matched up in these bowl games with teams from the Big-12, Pac-12 or SEC that are ranked higher. They're talking about it once again right now on SVP. The B1G is down, the B1G sucks blah, blah, blah.

unranked Iowa vs #14 Oklahoma

#22 PSU vs #19 Houston

#20 Nebraska vs. #9 S.Carolina

#10 Wisconsin vs. #5 Oregon

I mean come on what do people think is going to happen? At this point in the season these rankings are pretty dialed in. Unranked Iowa beating #14 Oklahoma? Really? Do people really think that PSU, with all of it's off-field distraction, is going to beat a Houston team ranked 3 spots higher? Or how about a Nebraska team (newly B1G, former Big-12) beating a team ranked 11 spots higher? Nebraska didn't start sucking just because they joined the B1G. #10 Wisconsin losing a close game to #5 Oregon?

2010? Same thing the B1G teams ranked lower lost to teams ranked higher (except MSU who lost to lower ranked team and Iowa who beat a higher ranked team).

2009? Same thing the B1G teams ranked lower lost (except UW, PSU & Iowa all beat higher ranked opponents).

So what I'm  hearing is that the B1G sucks as a conference because they can't pull off these upsets on a more consistent basis. What the hell is that all about!? Now if the B1G teams were losing consistently against lower ranked teams from other conferences then I'm listening but as is this argument makes no sense to me. The bowls with both teams unranked were usually pretty competitive.