B1G & Bowl Games

Submitted by MGrether on January 1st, 2013 at 2:44 PM

So far today, B1G standing tall against a tough order of games.

- Northwestern beating SEC Miss St.

- Nebraska with a slight lead against SEC Georgia

- Michigan within 1 score of SEC S. Carolina (1 Special Teams play making the difference)

Now, Purdue is getting wholloped... but you can't make Chicken soup out of Chicken Poop.

For a conference that was not supposed to win any of its bowl games, we are not doing too shabby today, especially against the number one conference in da'Universe.




January 1st, 2013 at 4:51 PM ^

This might be the best thread for this - purely informational, but the Big Ten is, of course 2-2 in games that have been completed as of now. The total rundown is as follows, for conference comparisons:

MWC: 1-4

Pac-12: 1-5

MAC: 2-3

WAC: 2-0

Independents: 1-1

C-USA: 4-1

Sun Belt: 1-2

Big East: 2-1

ACC: 3-2

Big 12: 4-3

Big Ten: 2-4*

SEC: 3-2*

* - reflects games just completed *sigh*


January 1st, 2013 at 8:36 PM ^

we as a conference suck and are quickly losing relevancy in the BCS. Michigan last year wins a BCS bowl against the ACC but this year once again can't beat the SEC. This is 2nd time in 4 years we've bowed to the south. I'm sick of this shit. Northwestern actually stepped up and made a statement and this Colter guy is going to get better but my God has the B10 fallen from grace. You've got Ohio St with back to back title losses in the BCS, Michigan struggling to win really meager bowls in 4 years except for the Sugar Bowl last year, schools like Iowa, Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin etc, getting embarrassed in bowls its a joke. I'm not seeing any B10 national champion in the next five years as long as the SEC holds the power in recruiting and coaching. Ohio St with Meyer won't do shit either if this style of lousy conference play keeps up. I'm pissed off I'm sorry today was embarrassing to be a member of the B10. I say Michigan breaks away and creates its own conference with all Michigan and northern schools and call it the Big North. I'm kind of drunk sorry.