B10 Basketball Title Hat. Should or should not buy?

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on April 9th, 2012 at 3:32 PM

Torn between buying the hat and not buying it. I love the fact that Michigan earned a share of the B10 Title this past year but a part of me feels weird buying it because it's not the whole title and Michigan had to rely on Ohio St beating MSU for us to win it. That part of it makes me not want to have any interest in it. The other part is that Michigan has a B10 title in basketball for the first time since 1986. I don't know. I do like the hat just don't like the fact I'd be wearing something that wasn't won outright. This ever happen to anyone else before?



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As the old adage goes, they don't put style points on the scoreboard.  This also applies to standings.  20 years from now, all people will remember is "Big Ten Co-Champions."


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When UM won the first B1G tourney?? It doesnt matter. Buy 2 and send me one. I'll gladly where it.

Seriously though, you can never win any title without depending on some team beating another. Our title is legit homie!


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Granted, it was a completely different era/game, but Yost finished in first place ties for the Big Ten in 1901, 1903, 1904, 1918 and 1923, and Kipke tied for first in 1932 and 1933.

Despite a record of 103-0-2 from our eleven MNC years, only Yost's 1902, Crisler's 1947, Oosterbaan's 1948 and Carr's 1997 teams won an outright Big Ten championship.

Obviously these days you're correct, just thought it might be a good place to put this comment, between the OP talking about shared titles and whatnot about our 2011-2012 basketball season.


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Actually, Ohio State and Michigan State had to rely on us choking away senior night against Purdue just to get a share. Our loss just happened to come before MSU's


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Ya, but we lost to Purdue at home.  They lost to OSU, a final four team, who they beat two other times this year (one was AT OSU and the other was for the B10 Championship at a neutral site).  I'd say those are different.


A lot of people on here seem to foget how we crapped all over MSU fans for celebrating their shared 2010 football title. 


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Except we beat Northwestern twice and MSU lost to them. We also beat Illinois twice and MSU lost to them. So we were clearly better based on only the games I want to point to. Why look at the whole B10 year....let's just look at a couple games.

Considering we all know you are an MSU fan (and I'm not sure why you say "us" and "we" when referencing Michigan), answer this: if our home game against you or our home game against OSU was the last game of the season and everything else played out the same, after we won that game, would we still have backed into the championship?

I'll answer for you: fuck no. You don't pick a champion based on only looking at when you play tough teams, you pick them based on the entire year. The same year in which the 3 teams that tied for the league all split with the other two teams. Take this Spartan rationalle back to Mlive.

Doctor Jan Itor

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if you're not undefeated in the conference, you almost always have to rely on someone beating someone else to win a championship. thats RCMB reasoning. Buy it :)


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I say don't buy it, but I have a bit of a bias. As a rule, I don't buy anything with a year on it. Flash forward 4 years. Is it still cool for you to be wearing a 2011-2012 B1G Champs hat? No, not really.

The Block M is timeless, and your hat will bite the dust before it goes out of style. Guaranteed.


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Till 2038, potentially. You never know. I'm sure in '86 no one was thinking it'd be another 26 years.

But it's silly; the only thing keeping you from getting the Cap is self-loathing. If you wouldn't have gotten any National Championship stuff in '97 because we didn't win the Coach's poll, you need help. It's a hat. And it will hopefully be one of many like it in the near future.


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The three teams that shared the title were all 1-1 gainst the other two, so they all needed each others help in the end, the only difference was that Ohio's win at Sparty just happened to be on the last day of the season. 


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I'm assuming that with Burke back we'll do bigger and better things now. If you want the hat to wear between now and next March/April, go for it.

To me, it seems like buying a 1995 Western Conference Champions hat/t-shirt. Great and all, but pretty much irrelevant when compared to the Stanley Cup gear that they won a few years later.

Brown Bear

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I never buy championship swag. The only cool championship gear I owned was back when MJ and Da Bulls were dominating and every year I got a tshirt. That's just because they had the cool cartoon drawings of the entire team on them.
So no I wouldn't buy it, championship gear comes off tacky and nascar like at my old age of 33. But that's just me so rock on if you like.

Wolverine Devotee

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I bought the shirt and hat. Hat is great quality.

If anyone says "oh well it was shared". say "does it say Co on the shirt or banner? Does it say it on state's or ohio's? Nobody gives a shit if it's shared, stop being a grubby prick."

Powderd Toast

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I say don't do it. Sure it's awesome that Michigan got a share of the title, but every time a B1G basketball fan see that hat they will bring up the fact that it's shared and its not worth it. Just wait until next year when they win it ourtight.


April 10th, 2012 at 7:13 AM ^

Buy it!!!....all three teams had 5 conference losses....we BEAT both of the other co champs!

why would their losses not be equal to our losses?  WE EARNED IT just like they did...

I bought my B!0 conference champs T-shirt the minute they came out....its been a entire

lifetime since I was able to do it....BUY IT who knows when it will happen again...