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Hillarious that SI's Danny Sheridan gives Braxton Miller the 2nd best odds to win the Heisman and then rips him saying he isn't that good but Ohio has a "super PR machine".

“Is [Miller] as good as Manziel?” Sheridan asked. “He’s not even in the same league with Manziel, or Yeldon or Murray. But he quarterbacks an Ohio State team that is a super — and underline the word super — PR machine.

“If they go 12-0, which they really should — they’ll be favored to, but I don’t think they will — you’ll be hearing how wonderful this guy is.” 






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  As much as I hate to say it, he's still going to be the best quarterback in the Big Ten.  Devin Gardner has a very real chance to be a LOT better, and I guess you have to mention Martinez, and Kain Colter.  But until someone (let's go Devin!) proves it on the field, you have to give it to Braxton.

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Are you kidding me?  Devin has already proven he can be a lot more versatile on the field as a quarterback than Miller has in two seasons, and Devin only started at quarterback for five games last season.  While they have about the same running abilities, Devin has already established himself as the more accurate passer.  Time should only help him as well... As for the other QBs you mentioned, they are decent, but not on the level of Braxton and Devin.


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how open their X receiver was?  if we don't take miller down that is an easy lay-out to a streaking X.

incidentally, miller might not be pretty or polished, and i wouldn't expect him to do much in the pros, but he is still an excellent dual-threat college QB.   i think devin is better, but don't dis that miller kid as he has talent.


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Meaning pretty much, talking about it is merely a guess because, as happens every year, there will be three or four players, just like teams, that will emerge from obscurity to capture the nation's attention. How could anyone have predicted Manzeil last season inasmuch as no one had seen him?  And I think this reporter is close to spot on in regard to OSU's probable record, but just the opposite in terms of Miller. I think they are very much in the same league, and I think Urban saying "he's the best qb I've ever coached" was a true statement.  His improvement from last season compared to '11, when he'd be as likely to miss a target by 11 yards as he was hitting him in stride, was a major surprise and I think he'll continue to improve, although no one makes the same amount of improvement from being serviceable to very good to the best ever.  Braxton is very good and Meyer is a good player of calls. He knows how to use this man, and much like "Johnny Football," he'll do things on his own that will surprise.   ^Unless something unforeseen occurs, OSU should be at 24-0. Yes, they were lucky last season, but they'll be a year more experienced at positions of great performance so they shouldn't need the luck they experienced last season given they have all the luck they really need in the form of their schedule.  If UM can get past ND early, State somewhere in the middle of the schedule, they could have a huge hurdle there,but that's about it as to how the schedule should play out for them.  But much like all other preseason topics, does the schedule ever really play out as expected?  Did anyone correctly predict that A&M would beat Bama, even after the season started?  Who predicted a Bama massacare of LSU in a rematch the season earlier?  These things never play out simply because there isn't an iron clad script guaranteeing each role will be played according to the way its written.  Gives junk and junkies viability in the middle of June, but by end of September at least four "Mark it downs" will have been disproved, especially those predicted by Holtz and that voice that saw the price of voice filters soar in the past two decades. As long as espn continues to provide clear plastic for Mark, their continued charade of college football procrastinaters should continue to the delight of all Pitt and ND fans.  That's about the only prediction on cfb I'd back up with money at this point of the baseball season.

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Braxton is great running but so-so passing. Gardner is a better passer than Braxton. If we have a decent to good ground game our play action and bootleg game will open up. Gardner could pass for 3,000 yards and run for like 500.

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The Big Ten, though, is considerably worse than it was when Denard was in RR's system.  Ohio will probably make a similar run through the Big Ten this year, with the exception of losing to us, and Heisman voters vote based on team performance as well.  I agree that Miller shouldn't make the trip to NYC, but if you are trying to measure based on Denard's 2010 season, it won't be very accurate considering the difference in the Big Ten competition levels between 2010 and 2013.


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I'd say Gardner is definitely a better thrower than Miller by a greater margin than Miller is a better runner.  I actually don't think there's that much of a difference in terms of running.  Gardner really surprised me a few times last year with his running ability, and his top end speed comes out of nowhere.


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If anyone is interested in further commentary and some of the more interesting commentary as to why Braxton Miller is not first on this list, do click on the AL.com article linked in the SI piece. Danny Sheridan digs a little deeper with regards to Miller:

"If Braxton Miller played in the SEC ... he'd be in a M.A.S.H. unit. He wouldn't finish the season. If Ohio State played in the SEC and they played a normal SEC schedule, they'd lose at least four games. This ain't like playing Indiana. They'd be 6-6."

He also goes on a bit about how Urban Meyer has been lucky to inherit talent and even suggests that Meyer might be overrated some. This is just immediately before his hard sell on Yeldon.

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Smith and Brown were his top targets racking up 600+ yards but his next top target was Stoneburner who only had 200+ yards, and he is gone... Unless they have some solid freshman recievers coming in, it could be a lot like last season for Miller which means a lot of scrambling and higher chance of getting injured.


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The only freshman OSU has that will probably make an instant impact on offense is Jalin Marshall. Urban is hoping to use a combination of Jordan Hall and Marshall in the "pivot position" made famous by Percy Harvin.

However, Jalin has expressed interest in trying out for QB first before making the switch to WR.


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What's up guys? Im an obvious buckeye fan and will try and take my scarlet shades off a minute. I do have to say I always thought gardner was a better qb than Robinson. I feel Robinson should have only been qb in wildcat situations. Because you don't have to be the fastest guy on the field to be a dual threat qb. But gardners accuracy is far superior to Robinson. As for the comparison to miller, they are two completely different animals. If you can't see the difference in millers athleticism to gardner then you aren't watching. And he needs to get better with his pocket presence and decision making. Id like to see what gardner does with a full schedule though. I hope he doesn't get hurt though, because you all dont have much after that at qb. And as for buckeye freshman receivers, there will be another playmaker in the hybrid/pivot position that was a late flip from Oregon named dontre Wilson whom I believe will definitely make an impact. Good luck next season, except for your last game in november.

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In all honesty Miller is a good QB, but he and ohio are benefiting from the success Urban had at Florida. I said it when he was hired and I still believe it's true, ohio didn't get the same coach Florida had.