Aziz Shittu Top 3

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Saw an article on scout today (premium but i dont have it so i didnt take any info), so i continued to look on his recruiting profile and it appears that his top 3 are Texas A&M, Nevada, and Cal. it seems weird to see nevada and A&M in there but i guess his recruiting hasnt been that public and i guess he was just playing with us and the coaches are just going after o'brien now.



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it's O'Brien time all the time. He and Pipkens are the perfect interior duo. you got the ragine bull in PeeWee who hits the line hard, causes havoc and draws the double team. Then you have O'brien, who already has great understanding of leverage and excellent moves. It's going to be sick.

Bo Lytle

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O'Brien is the perfect match to Pipkens.   Love O'Brien on 3rd and long or end of the game obvious passing situations.  I confused why anyone would want Aziz over Danny O.  Dude is lightning quick and has outstanding TECHNIQUE  ALREADY.  How many DT have we taken in the last 8 years who appear to be monsters, but get mauled because they are not real football players.  Danny will be ready to go from day 1.  I honestly think he's a silent commit.  Why else would we say no to Schutt.  

Danny should be the number one player on our coaches board.  We need DT's more then any other posistion.  I played guard in highschool and i've gone up against some mean fuckers.  But Danny's size, technique, leverage and speed would give me nightmares.  

Camp film is all i need to see.  Flint boy is DANgerous.

I'm on his jock.  

Oaktown Wolverine

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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start.


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LOL on the whole "academics is very important to me" notion, esp. considering he was initially accepted by Stanford.




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But I like the potential of the signs that will show up at the games:
<br>"Shittu Happens"
<br>"You're in deep Shittu"
<br>"A total Shittu-Show"
<br>I know there's more. Feel free to elaborate.


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My opinion about O'Brien and Shittu is that I prefer O'Brien all the way

1. IN state recruit that is at huge position of need . . . . .still!!

2. Perfect Compliment to Pipkins as I see him as MM of sorts.

3. He moves really well for his size and has pretty good overall quickness. I see him playing a little like MM all over because he can. I think that with Pipkins demanding a double team quite a bit O'Brien could put a lot of pressure on opposing QBs with his skill set.

4. He is already at the needed size to be able to contribute as soon as he arrives with our questionable depth. He is listed at 6' 2'' or 3'' and already at a good 290. Shittu is a bit lighter being listed at around 270. Shittu may have a higher upside or may not, but I like O'Brien.