Aziz Shittu Michigan Tweets

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on July 1st, 2011 at 9:04 PM

First off, credit goes to Sean Connery, who didn't have enough points to make a thread.

Aziz Shittu just tweeted: Hope Michigan Class Dont Feel Up Before I Make A Desicion.

and another tweet: @Mr2012RJS One Time For My Boy #GOBLUE

Royce Jenkins also tweeted to him to just committ already.

Looks solid for Michigan, would love to grab this kid.



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My hobby:

Caving a user, then going back to the threads they posted in to see how non sequitur the responses all seem when it looks like they're applied to whomever posted last.

"...and furthermore your suggestion that Denard should be genetically enhanced by extracting cells from Tom Brady's urine is totally unfeasible, and frankly disgusting. Ban this man!"


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META note: When we cave a guy, unless you say something in the same message board where he posted HE DOESN'T KNOW HE'S CAVED YET. He sees his posts going up...just nobody can see them.

Point: the longer you can carry on without noting anything about a guy being bagged, the longer you're actually reverse-trolling the troll.


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the longer you can carry on without noting anything about a guy being bagged

I'm always happier when they disappear. I won't miss Trolly McTrollersonevich.

the longer you're actually reverse-trolling the troll.

So in the end, the true method to defeating trolls and other subversive elements is to be our regular, lovable selves and have civil discourse about On-Topic Topics and occasional Off-Topic Topics? Wonderful positive feedback loop!


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I really wish I could contribute more but work and family keep me unavailable. The contributors and fans of this site are great. Now that I am done with the ass kissing, let me get down to what I do. Silent commits are those b/c we don't know who they are until the coaches want us to know. DT are the less verbal madonnas on the D side of the ball. CBs blabber off at the mouth. 0 and 1 techs are hard to come by. Almost harder to find than QBs. Think about it, QBs are always trying to make a completion. DTs are always trying to make a sack/tackle. unless it is a screen or draw, DTs are harder to convince on the discipline of the position. (You may not have the stats but you  need to keep the guards off the backers) We have the luxury of getting, at most, one quality 0-1 tech and three quality 3-5 tech DTs. The key here is they have to be versitile. Madman likes to use confusing fronts to disguise who is rushing, blitzing, dropping, stemming....etc. I see 2 DTs not including Godin. He is going to be an inside Joker. The kid has some skills.

Dennis Talbott…

July 1st, 2011 at 9:08 PM ^

Love how the way guys who are already commited are recruiting for us.  Thats exactly what I would have told Aziz if it wasn't creepy for me to tweet him.  I would really love to have Shittu as part of this class.  As RJS would say, GBOD


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Sean, correct me if I am wrong, but this is not the first time that you have supplied interesting recruiting info but couldn't start a thread. 

If so, since there are still no up/down votes, mods, let's bump Sean up by a few hundred points so that he can start his own thread.

This is very encouraging.


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Would love to have this kid. Hopefully the class doesn't fill up before he makes his decision. Will be interesting to see what happens with him. Definitely an encouraging tweet


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1) I wouldn't say Shittu is "solid for Michigan" if I understand that statement to be "we are his favorite."

2) There are rumors that we are falling off on Bri'Onte Dunn - I wonder if we are thinking about not adding a RB this year and focusing on adding a 3rd DL instead (so Wormley, Pipkins, AND Shittu).  That would be interesting.

3) Magnuson is giving us street cred in Cali again.  Jordan Payton lists us in his top 3 and Shittu wanting to visit.


July 1st, 2011 at 10:06 PM ^

 Considering Hoke and Co's west side connects, If we can get 3 top recruits out of Cali this year, consider the Cali pipelines back open for business. 


Recruiting Plan:



Wash with tSIO in Ohio

Get a few other top Mid-westerners


Get a few other top Cali recruits


=Elite Talent necessary to win B1G and NC

Mr Mackey

July 1st, 2011 at 9:16 PM ^

This would be a huge get. I would be ecstatic if we could fit in Pipkins/O'Brien and Shittu. Two of those for a DT class would be huge.


July 1st, 2011 at 9:19 PM ^

Is it even legal to be in the top group of this many 5 star players? If everything falls together we could end up with Magnuson, Kalis, Diamond, Pipkins, Dunn, and Shittu. That's dirty.


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With the switch to the 4-3, we need more DT' s since Martin will graduate and no other DT's on the roster are proven. In fact, Aziz, Obrien, and Pipkins could arguably be our top 3 DT's next year along with Big Will. I'd rather take those 3 this year than a toss in QB or a FB or a 6th DE.