Awful Announcing?: 2017 Michigan @ Penn State - Fowler, Herbstreit, Rinaldi & Taylor

Submitted by markusr2007 on October 18th, 2017 at 12:08 PM

Looks like Michigan @ Penn State announcers are as follows:

7:30 p.m.: [19] Michigan @ [2] Penn State (ABC)
Announcers: Chris Fowler (play-by-play), Kirk Herbstreit (analyst), Maria Taylor (reporter), Tom Rinaldi (reporter)

Grateful that PSU alum and homer Matt Millen isn't doing color.


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October 18th, 2017 at 1:32 PM ^

Huard was terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible last week.  From claiming that Michigan "has been moving toward" highligher yellow "in recent times" (in fact we've moved back to maize since Harbaugh got here) to pretending to be Tony Romo by calling for run-only drives, and then later criticizing Michigan's O for being one dimensional in the second half, it was awful.  


October 19th, 2017 at 10:29 AM ^

I was never a fan of his but then the "targeting" hit on JOK happened and during review he said something along the lines of "It doesnt matter if it's a shoulder pad or a forearm, it doesn't have to be a helmet to helmet for targeting after the change so get that out of your vocabulary" fast forward to no call for targeting and he says "That's the right call he hit him with the shoulder pad only"

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He moved his family out of the state of Ohio due to same!

OSU or not, Spielman is the gold standard in the broadcast booth for me.

Although not on prime time I also like Coach (Mack) Brown and Adam Amin.

I also do recall a bowl game (?) where they pressed Dez into commentary service.  It was just cool to hear him do more on TV.


October 20th, 2017 at 8:13 PM ^

I used to like Herbstreit, but he has been pretty awful lately. I could not stand him during the Michigan verse Michigan State game. A quarter into that game, I had to mute the TV. I also hated how biased ABC was during that game. Whenever they showed the rivalry clips of previous games, every game was games where Michigan State beat us at the end. No clips showed Michigan winning. 

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Buck is terrible for the same reason Tony Romo has been such a revelation--because Romo recognizes that sports are supposed to be FUN. Buck might as well be describing a funeral half the time. My dream team would be Gus Johnson and Romo.


October 18th, 2017 at 1:26 PM ^

Joe Buck absolutely dries up and removes any excitement from anything he calls. Baseball isn't exactly action packed either. He is like a gigantic pile of salt drying up everything in his wake. How can a monotone speaker without an ounce of personality be an announcer? Much less their go to big game guy. Stephen Hawking could call a more riveting game than Joe Buck.


October 18th, 2017 at 1:26 PM ^

I turned on Joe Buck when he went full outrage mode about Randy Moss fake mooning the GB crowd. Instead of explaining that GB fans moon the opposing teams bus when it pulls in, he went on and on about how disgusting that move was.


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Matt Millen's voice.  And I'm not sure if it's his voice I hear, or the type of comments he tends to make.  This is coming from someone that could drive down the road quite a few miles listening to static, because I wasn't paying attention.  Millen however, ensures that I will look up the Brandstatter broadcast online, and hit the mute button.




October 18th, 2017 at 2:16 PM ^

It probably has more to do with the fact that I have been listening them on Saturday mornings for close to 20 years, but their voices just scream college football to me, so I enjoy them calling the games.  I also think Herbstreit does a good job analyzing plays quickly.  There are a lot of times he notices when a lineman misses a block or read to bust a play.

I also may not be the best person to evaluate as I have watched most of the last few years of games on delay, meaning I fast forward through 90% of the commentary.  I'm really glad with the Indiana game that I could do this, because the amount of video reviews was absurd, and the talking fill time for it must have been excrutiating.  The announcers did a very poor job of looking at a play in both full speed and slow motion.  The onside kick in full speed easily showed the bobble until out of bounds, yet they focused on the first time he "secured" the ball for a few minutes. 


October 18th, 2017 at 12:12 PM ^

I hate Fowler and Herbie because they do such an amazing job at being slightly anti-Michigan that we can't really accuse them of being homers and they are. No doubt.

Also, pick a random PSU linebacker and make him famous after he makes a few plays on our O. The LB will must be white and has to be gritty and "blue collar" like PA steel workers (or some other shit). 


October 18th, 2017 at 1:16 PM ^

it didnt bother you when herbstriet kept smuggly mocking Okorn when he was clearly pulled down by the jersey? Because it sure as hell bothered me and Fowler even called it out!


Side note: What the hell happened to the deal with Fox Sports? Announcers are better and I like the all 22 look.