Away Team for UM - Bama in 2012?

Submitted by rbgoblue on October 15th, 2010 at 9:03 AM

Just one more question regarding the game.  I thought one of the agreements, when the deal was being discussed early on, was that we would be considered the "home team," essentially meaning we would wear our home jerseys and take home a slightly larger cut of the $$$.  When the game was officially announced, I noticed we are now the away team.  Was this one of the sticking points that made this deal take so long or does this not mean much of anything at all?  I'm as excited as hell for this game.  Just wish we would have been showing the world our traditional blue unis over the away jerseys, which i believe we all admit could use some work.



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Part of the deal could be that Alabama gets to be the designated home team, but has to wear their road jerseys.  Certainly possible.

Anyways, why would being the home team in this case entitle Alabama to a bigger cut?  I would assume, as this is a neutral site game, that both teams would split 50/50.  


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I know they'd need to be updated but put me down for away team - busting out the all white throwback uni's a-la the 1974 team pictured here.  I see them with maize n blue piping added but I think all whites are WAY cool and make your look fast as hell.


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There is a new NCAA rule that states that if both teams agree to it beforehand and the contrast is enough, both teams can wear their "dark" jersey for a game.  Michigan's navy blue and Alabama's crimson look would certainly provide enough contrast and I think you could end up seeing this happen.  Certainly putting a bug in the AD's "ear" about it couldn't hurt the cause.

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The only thing I could see being an advantage of being the home team in this game is the video rights.  However, people a lot smarter than me worked up the deal so I am sure it is what Michigan can deal with or the game wouldn't happen.


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If we can beat Alabama in Texas, however, I'm sure it would impress the human polls, and it wouldn't matter to humans whether we technically call it "home" or "away."

As far as the computer rankings are concerned, I have a feeling that the designation of home vs. away does not affect computer rankings for BCS purposes.  In other words, the computers just care about who you beat, but don't care about whether you beat that team at home or on the road.  Does anyone know if this is correct? 


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the travesty that would be anything Michigan/ProCombat-esque is something that has haunted my dreams since the tOSU game last year. I pray Adidas keeps their heads. Or else we're going to get All-maize versus houndstooth @ Jerryworld. 



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I know that all teams will usually dress a higher number of players for home games, but is that more dictated by budget than restrictions on away teams?  In other words; would we be prevented from bringing a larger number of players if we were the "away" squad?


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I highly doubt that we're getting the short end of the stick in terms of money and the number of players we can bring.

The most annoying part about this is that we have to wear our road jerseys.


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maybe this could be the game we finally break out the white jerseys/white pants that we wore back in the mid '70's. There was a lot of speculation we were going to wear them last year vs. Iowa but that never happened. I'm of the belief that it's only a matter of time before they make an appearance.


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So there shouldn't be an advantage there.  It could be as simple as a coin toss or something else that decided who the home/away teams were.  I'm hoping it's a non-factor like determining the home/away teams between even seeded teams in the final four.