Auburn blocks Derrick Moncreif transfer to Michigan

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 18th, 2015 at 3:54 PM


They better pray they don't ever play Michigan in a bowl game. 


Former Auburn safety Derrick Moncreif tells me he was released to transfer to any school in the Big 10 except #Michigan

— Sam Webb (@SamWebb77) May 18, 2015



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I work with an Aburn grad, one of his friends sent him a link to something claiming Auburn blocked a transfer because they thought the staff was tampering, but they don't have proof to actually file a complaint about it.   So they did the only real thing they could. 

I'm trying to get the link to the board/blog for that. 


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No...AFAIK there is not formal appeal process...

And this is why I can understand some of these guys trying to form a union. At present no one represents their point of view so they are at the whim and mercy of the NCAA. 


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That'll teach Harbaugh not to introduce himself to kids in Alabama!

Who does that Harbaugh fella think he is? Next thing you know he'll be insisting on observing scholarship limits!


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Auburn's had an MNC and two appearances in the title game since UM last appeared in the Rose Bowl... and yet they're still aiming for us. Glad JH is here.