Auburn AD Takes Shot At Michigan

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"Our league has done pretty well as far as recruiting goes as it is," Jacobs said to reporter Jon Solomon. "It seems to benefit some schools that may be in the past had a history of success and now don't so they're trying to grow their brand a little bit more."…



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The fact any AD or coach from the SEC feels the need to comment about these camps at all shows how upset they are that A) they can't do it, and B) are finally at a disadvantage with something regarding football. 

In conclusion: suck it SEC. 


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I'm not really sure they are at a disadvantage in recruiting because Michigan is running a series of half day camps in the South. Auburn is permanently located in Alabama, so I don't think things have changed. Plus they pay their players, etc. 

They are just whining because they are babies.

Also I think it's hilarious that Auburn thinks it is a bigger name than Michigan.

Gentleman Squirrels

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We would be salty, but it won't have as much of an effect as Michigan going down south. The fact of the matter is that the south has far more talented players and general athletes. Just to get a word in with one of them means a huge deal, especially when they don't have the resources to make it up to Michigan besides the 5 official visits. If Harbaugh makes a great impression on some kids during one of these camps, it may even convince one of those kids to use an official visit to come to Ann Arbor. Sure if Saban or Malzahn camped here, this effect would go both ways. But the overall benefit remains with Mich (or anyone in the B10) stealing a recruit from SEC territory.


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I mean, Brady Hoke outrecruited Auburn pretty much every year. Pretty heavy words coming from Auburn

At the very least, Harbaugh has done a brilliant job of annoying the SEC


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LOL since 1998, Auburn has had 12 seasons with 4 or more losses.  Michigan has had 9, and that's with arguably the two worst coaches in program history.  I laugh at Auburn.