Auburn accepts Frost commitment

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TheRinger RT @auburnrivals: Auburn has accepted a commitment from Kris Frost.

Wow.  I wonder if we still have any chance to lure Frost.  I don't think Brady can give up on him.  When a guy was 99% Michigan only 2 weeks ago, you have to make a run at him. 

It just seems odd that he would be so in love with Michigan, and then be willing to wait weeks for Auburn to accept him. 

Go Blue Kris.  All we are saying, is give Hoke a chance.

EDIT: Here's the link -- Looks real bad for us.


RT @GeoffVogt16: Dallas Crawford committed to Miami.

I know we were out of it, but it still hurts.



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We both posted the same thing at the same time. 

This sucks. But you never know what could happen if Hoke is able to talk to Kris and get something figured out. If Hoke is able to show some love and desire to have Frost a Wolverine, he could get him to come to Michigan.


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if he plans on graduating in june, he's still in play.  i wonder if he feels slighted by the "we don't have room for you" line.


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Of course Auburn is willing to accept his commitment.  They'll just oversign the class and let the chips fall where they may.  No need to worry about the kids that signed on that will be left without a scholarship.

The Denarding

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The pressure on Auburn will keep coming.  Something from the Cam Newton situation will blow up.

I feel the same about Ohio State.   Something will happen - you just can't escape the Federales forever...

I will always wonder why Kris Frost changed his mind.  His parents loved Michigan, he loved Michigan - was he that committed to Rich Rod?  Surprising...


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I'll send Hoke some footage of me sitting at my desk to see what he thinks.  FWIW I can run a 4.5 40.  Oops I meant to type 5.4.  Close enough.  I do have as much grit as the next white guy, though.  So I got that goin' for me. 


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Frost and Crawford have been gone for a while
I read that auburn rivals link - is Mrs. Frost (bless her heart) stealing our "all in" phrasing? Also, Bo Jackson ran around during NC week saying "Auburn Man". What's with the slogan theft?