Attempt to change the "You Suck" chant after Temptation to "Hoke Smash"

Submitted by ILwolverine on November 16th, 2011 at 12:30 PM

I came across this on Facebook this morning.  Some people created an event for this Saturday to try and change the "You Suck" after Temptation to "Hoke Smash".  I know that it has been discussed here before, and that there are people who did not like the "You Suck".  I am not sure if "Hoke Smash"  is perfect, but I definitely like it more than "You Suck".  It will be interesting to see if there is even a noticable difference on Saturday (unlikely), but there are over 600 people listed as attending.  Just figured I would do my part to spread the news.



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Here is their listed reasoning and explanation for those that won't click the link.



"Why change the cherished "you suck" to "Hoke Smash?" I offer the following:

(1). Hoke Smash is more fun.
(2). Hoke and Mattison, alongside all the assistant coaches, have revived the spirit of a Michigan defense. We should celebrate that.
(3). I'm way more into cheering on our defense for a job well done rather than ignoring their work and yelling at the opposing team.
(4). That awkward moment when we're obviously going to lose the game (no longer going to happen however!) and "you suck" just sounds whiney and obviously untrue. I'd much rather just congratulate and recognize the defense in that moment.
(5). We don't want to force the MMB to stop playing Temptation as they have traditionally done for decades. 

(1). Replace every "you" with "Hoke" and "suck" with "smash"
(2). Following the cheer, fist your hands on your shirt, then make a fake ripping motion while simultaneously lifting your head to they sky and yelling "AAAAAGGGHHH." "


oriental andrew

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I'm all for changing the "You Suck" chant, as it is in no way clever and, frankly, and bit crass.  What are we, michigan state?  But Hoke Smash?  Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  Then again, I've got nothing better...


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It's not a threat per se, they've just discussed it. Right now they're trying to change it, but if things don't work out, they might not have a choice. I suggest we just change it to "go blue!" The tradition is to play Temptation with Hawaiian War Chant, so they can still get rid of Temptation after third downs without breaking that tradition. Temptation after third down stops is a tradition in it's own right but it's not as old as Hawaiian War Chant/ Temptation.


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The adminstration says a lot of shit.  Like how they were going to take season tickets away from people who chanted four letter words at hockey games.  I started getting emails of such a nature back in 2003.  We're still swearing and we all still have tickets.  

If they kill Temptation the blue hairs (and all the dollars they donate) will rise up and we'll have it back within a game or two.  


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We really need to change the "you suck" chant. We're Michigan. It sounds stupid and probably fires up the opposing team on some level. We're better than that chant. I dont care what we change it to.


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Hoke Smash would be popular with young children.  Oh, I see what you've done here, Dave "ILWolverine" Brandon.  NOT ON MY WATCH.


FYI - I've hated the "You Suck" chant since I was an undergrad (early 2000s) and told everyone around me so multiple times.  It's so immature sounding.  Not sure "Hoke Smash" raises the bar, maturity-wise, but "Go Blue" has always made more sense.


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"You suck" might be the dumbest thing any student section has ever come up with, aside from perhaps the popular but usually unfounded 'bull-[poop]' chant after a controversial call. I am in full support of either this or "Go Blue!" 



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I pay attention enough and know enough about football to know when they are going to go for it, others dont.

When the band starts playing temptation then they are going to start chanting.  The band needs to learn to not play it when its not actually a stop yet.


November 16th, 2011 at 1:05 PM ^

Except the band is under pressure to stop playing it completely since the "you suck" thing has become pretty clear on TV.  Hearing Temptation after a 3rd down stop > Not hearing Temptation after a 3rd or 4th down stop, regardless of whether or not the timing is bad.


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MSUs original fight song:


On the banks of the Red Cedar,
There's a school that's known to all;
Its specialty is farming,
And those farmers play football;
Aggie teams are never beaten,
All through the game they'll fight;
Fight for the only colors:
Green and White.
Smash right through that line of blue,
Watch the points keep growing.
Aggie teams are bound to win,
They're fighting with a vim!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Michigan is weakening,
We're going to win this game.
Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!
Victory for M.A.C.!


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or 2003.  I don't remember for certain.  I do recall there being some debate when it was first initiated - a lot of fans thought doing a tomahawk chop was too derivative; there was some attempt to make it "the claw" instead of a chop (did that ever catch on?).  I do remember that the motion started before the "you suck" chant was added to it.


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Thanks for the confirmation - I was pretty sure this started midseason during my frosh or sophomore year, and was leaning towards sophomore - which was '03.
What I realized (and posted about on the FB event page) was that the "You Suck" Chant (YSC) was born under very rare circumstances - a Hated Rival Beatdown. When Brady Quinn and Notre Dame stunk up the Big House in '03 and lost 38-0, it was a perfect storm: a rival team came in and got totally annihilated.
By the time the 4th quarter rolled around and ND had gained 102 yards to M's 355, it wasn't whiney or contrary-to-the-scoreboard at all to tell them they sucked, it was really just a statement of fact.  And we certainly hated ND (and Brady Quinn) enough to let them know it. Hell, the birth of the YSC may have come right at the end of the dominating 3-and-out that M forced at the start of the second half.
Anyway, this got me thinking a couple of things: 
First, it's totally consistent that I participated in and enjoyed the YSC for a very brief period of time as a sophomore, and just wanted everyone to stop as soon as that brief period was over.
Second, the YSC is not as completely devoid of purpose as it has sometimes seemed.  MAYBE, if conditions are just right, the student section could pull it out again. But, the conditions do need to be right. 1) The opponent has to be a rival or a very strong team (like we're ever going to schedule a home-and-home against a good team... sigh). 2) Michigan MUST MUST MUST have the lead. 3) The opposing team must not be setting up to go for it on 4th. There were more punts from the end zone than 4th-down conversion attempts in that magnificent ND game.
If we can reserve "It's great... to be... a Michigan Wolverine" for big wins, why not reserve the YSC for super-big stops in HRB games?  (And that's what we tell the stupid guys posting "But it's ironic!" on the FB Event page.)