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Angelique wrote a pretty good article describing the process: 

The key will be whether the NCAA finds that Ole Miss acted with “egregious behavior” when it allegedly misled recruits about sanctions.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

“At this point, there’s no room for Ole Miss to deny it unlawfully kept the NOA (NCAA Notice of Allegations) it had just received under wraps for five months while the school misled prospects and their parents about how the NCAA investigation would likely impact the future of the football program and the goals and dreams of the student-athletes who ended up signing with Ole Miss under false pretenses.”

In the case of Patterson, Michigan must prepare a package with information that supports the premise of Ole Miss’ “egregious behavior.” Michigan sends this package to the NCAA, which forwards it to Mississippi. Ole Miss then has several options — it can support what Michigan prepared, oppose it, express neutrality or not respond at all. Once the NCAA has Ole Miss’ position on this, it moves forward with its decision-making process. “If Ole Miss supports the transfer waivers, this could be a very easy decision (by the NCAA).”



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First, Ole Miss has no incentive to admit to anything. 

Second, the NCAA will not want to establish a precedent that misleading a recruit is egregious behavior.

Third, the article is entirely based on quotes from the lawyer representing the players.  Of course he's presenting the most optimistic view.


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My sense is Ole Miss is trying to weather this storm and get to the other side.  Based on the options -- support, oppose, neutral, no comment -- my guess is they will express neutrality or no comment.  Then it's in the hands of the NCAA.

I can't begin to guess what those bureaucrats will do.


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Mississippi's reaction will be partly based on the tone of the submission. As to the precedent that the NCAA will be setting, it's not unreasonable to require schools to notify recruits that charges have been made and the NCAA is looking into the program.

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in a court case testifying about their behavior when they already released their players to transfer anywhere? My answer is 0% Chances that more NCAA issues are uncovered? More than 0%.

The chances that the NCAA wants to defend their transfer rules in court using the facts of the Ole Miss case? Again, my answer is 0% The chances that the case would move to a broader examination of their transfer rules? Considerably more than 0%.

The NCAA will write their ruling in a way that narrowly defines the exception they are allowing. It won't set a harmful precedent. A court case might.

Even if the NCAA and Ole Miss thought they would prevail in court, they know they would endure a lot of bad publicity. The risk-reward ratio is completely against their contesting the waivers. 


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Both Ole Miss and the NCAA have incentive to get past it quickly. Angelique agrees with me on this that the more dangerous precedent would actually be set in a court of law. If the NCAA makes a decision outside of court that Shea can play, they retain the right to make individual varying decisions on a player by player basis going forward. However, if it goes to court, a legal precedent can be set that takes that power out of the hands of the NCAA and opens them up to all sorts of problems going forward. Equally as important is the fact that there is great incentive on the part of both Ole Miss and the NCAA to avoid discovery and depostitons. If they allow that to happen, they can be asked about anything and everything. So just from a common sense legal standpoint, this is a loser case given the way the Houston Nutt case went, for both Ole Miss and the NCAA. My guess is that they will look to move this forward as quickly and quietly as possible and not look back. If I had to predict, I would say there's a high percentage chance Shea is eligible next season.

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I'd say Ole Miss will most likely make no comment, which works just as well for the NCAA in making their decision.

Second, this establishes no precident with respect to simply colleges misleading a recruit as egregious behavior. For instance coaches mislead players all the time that they are going to be there long term even if they are already in talks to get a job elsewhere.

The precident it could establish, that I think we are all fine with, is with respect to misleading players about serious NCAA violations, not the new color of next year's uniform or the player's likelihood of serious play time.


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Ok, ScottyP will have at it. He fully intends and expects to be elligible right away. He is training at the Gym my Father-in-law manages (Fitness-4-All) in Toledo and has told us that. He's been making his way around Toledo as he has Family/Friends in the area, that is the word around town and that is all I got to say about that.

Hopefully this is more reliable than counterstrike, no what im sayin?


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No info in the article on eligiblity that you haven't heard elsewhere. The article's focus is on his leadership and ability to adjust to new situations.  AND, I did note "if you subscribe".

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there havent been any KNOWLEDGE posts since Denard Robinson Cook was born?  You know, since babies/toddlers/children dont care if you're hungover, and it makes getting boozy substantially less fun, and maybe the KNOWLEDGE was boozy Brian?


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This is probably true for Michigan Football coverage, but Detroit Red Wings coverage is terrible in this area, and The Athletic Detroit boasts some of the best hockey writers around. It seems more like it's not an option for you, but I am guessing the OP may see it differently. 


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What type of Red Wings coverage do you really need, though? The team blows. Ken Holland has drafted extremely poorly and has done even worse in free agency and in signing players to enormous/long-term contracts that directly impacts the team's abilty to bring up younger players for development quicker or to go out and get someone actually worthwhile in free agency. Team has one of the highest caps in the league (if not highest, haven't looked in awhile) and you see the garbage product that goes out there every game. 

The Krusty Kra…

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Is that like the rest of the beat, it's pretty homerish. Custance isn't doing what a responsible journalist does by accurately recognizing the team is in shambles. He does a good job with the access he gets but he may as well be employed by the team because it's more on the PR side than the journalism side.


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Posts like this and the lack of stopping trolls (and net neutrality, but hey no politics and such) are why Brian and MGo will go out of business. 

Brian, please change your tactics. I (and others) come here to click on an interesting link only to be paywalled. Why is this link eve here?

Seriously, I use adblock, so I don't have to deal with the issues below. I'm a longtime (haloscan guy) and a 2X UM grad. I love the site, but there are trolls all over and then there are stupid ass articles like this. I've been going more to Funkymoses and goblue... for info and news. You have to figure out a better model.