Assuming Capital One Bowl

Submitted by winterblue75 on November 24th, 2012 at 11:11 PM

Michigan is almost a lock for the Capital One Bowl, even if Nebraska loses to Wisconsin, as Nebraska went there last season. The opponent? Since Florida is in the top 4 of the BCS standings, the loser of the SEC Championship Game loses out on a BCS bid and will go to the Cap One. Alabama rematch anyone?



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It will probably be Mich vs Georgia.  Alabama will win and FL will still get a BCS bowl and we will face GA.  Hopefu;;y we will beat an SEC team for the first time since 2008 ('07 season).


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None of the Florida bowls would want a rematch--they would send either Alabama or Michigan to the Outback instead. If Florida and Georgia both get BCS bowls, they'll pair Alabama with the B1G loser and we'll get A&M.


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Between the NCAA making today's PSU team pay for last decade's pervert, and the Ohio State Scandal keeping them out of the mix, not to mention disappointing years from Wiscy and Sparty, the Big Ten's depth has been pretty much flushed down the crapper this year.  Meanwhile, TAMU was much better than expected, and UGA and Florida had much better years than they had the right to expect at the beginning of the season.  

All in all, it adds up to two extremely tough games for whoever represents the Big Ten in the Capitol One and Outback Bowls.


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If we can't succeed on short yardage against OSU, imagine what the LSU D-Line would do to our O-line.  Their offense would also pound it down our throats...probably not as bad as Bama did, but still pretty ugly.  Our best shot would be TAM, as while Johnny Football is dynamic and I hate the dangers of facing a spread offense, at least we wouldn't be manhandled up front from the get go.


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Georgia can beat Bama. Not likely but Bell went down and Georgia can play with anyone when on their game. Sadly, with nd now in the title game I don't want Georgia to win as they always lay eggs in their bowl games. I'm officially a.....Saban fan....(need a shower)....until the end of the year. nd's defense is very good but they are not a top 2 team in the country. If in the SEC or P12 they drop a few this year. Almost literal miracles kept them from dropping games to average and good but not great teams. Their best win is Oklahoma. CFB is just generally down this year it seems. I think a Saban led Bama team, given a month to prepare, is the only "elite" team in America. So, if Georgia takes them down I honestly think nd wins the NC and, IMHO, no hate or homerism, they are a top 10 team. Not a NCG level team but outside of Bama I feel their defense can keep them in games and teams tend to find ways to lose to them. As for us, We'll likely get an SEC team in our bowl game and depending on who it is I think we go from "little chance of victory" to "should be a good game".


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Seriously, who cares at this point.  Some of you are actually wanting to see us play Alabama at this point??  That's not optimism, that's delusional.



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This is the first time I can remember being truly ambivalent about Michigan's bowl game. Just meh. This day was deflating and awful and I'm concerned that next season won't be any better. /debbie downer


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Loser of the SEC champ game doesnt have to go to the Capitol One Bowl. Plus Michigan isnt a lock cause they usually find the best matchups and place the teams according in the Capitol One and Outback. Im hoping for a matchup with LSU!

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They're taking advantage of playing in the weaker half of the SEC (again) and their signature win is against Florida in a game which featured some of the worst quarterback play (on both sides) of the last thirty years.  There is no way they stay with Alabama for a half, let alone beat them for a chance to play for the national championship.  Plus Mark Richt is the worst gameday coach this side of Lloyd Carr. 

Having said that, the way Michigan played today doesn't inspire confidence.  It doesn't matter who you play if you can't be more imaginative with the playcalling and you're turning the ball over 4-5 times a game.


November 25th, 2012 at 2:09 AM ^

We went 6-2 in conference play. Lost to a 10-2 Nebraska team in Lincoln after Denard went down and Bellomy played like a deer in the headlights. Went into the Cess Pit against an 11-0 Ohio squad without our premiere rusher (no he wasn't having a great season but still...) and lose 26-21...

Explain to me how that is "pathetic." Pathetic is 6-18 in conference play over three years, 0-6 vs MSU and Ohio. Yes, this season is a disappointment, and it's good that we expect better. But it's not pathetic.

Yes, Wisconsin, Iowa, Purdue, Illinois, etc. had a crappy OOC slate. But we didn't lose to any of those teams.


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Prediction: Me going out New Year's Eve getting blacked out drunk. Waking up just in time for the bowl game hoping for the best with a couple fifths of Jack just in case I need it.