Assoc. AD for Football Mike Vollmar to Tennessee

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Kind of odd in the sense that Vollmar is from Michigan, he's leaving for a similar position and he came in with Brady Hoke (who's obviously still the coach).

Nonetheless, an interesting tidbit regarding the administration of our football team.

For those wondering, Vollmar would probably be able to give you more insight on all of the different jerseys we've worn than Brandon ever could. These types of decisions are typically heavily influenced by these positions.


Leaders And Best

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He is moving from Associate AD to a Senior Associate AD position. If he gets paid at least what the position paid out last year, he is getting a $43,000 per year raise. The strange part is he actually took a pay cut to come to Michigan from Alabama when Hoke was hired if this article is correct:


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Know what you are talking about.

Vollmar is a hard nosed football gut whose fatter was a RB at Michigan. Watch the spring game -- he was out on the field constantly talking to Hoke.

He has nothing to do with Uniformz


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Is that Dave  Hart here at UT-K is looking for a successor. If Hart keeps doing his thang, the the Athletic department should be solvent and most of the bad blood/persons of dubious charachter will be long gone and off the payroll in a couple of years.


In a related note, Butch Jones reminds me alot of Brady Hoke-- or, at least, a slightly more "car salesmannish" version of him--- in how recruits acts when they see him. People are starting to talk about the "family" atmosphere around here. Jones is always talking about charachter, building up "young men", and bringing back Alumni into the fold.