Assistant Director of Bands John Pasquale named new Marching Band Director

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 25th, 2013 at 9:43 AM

So the Daily actually reported this a couple of days ago...…

Any thoughts from our past and present band members on the move? Should be a seemless transition.  And knows Michigan. But does that mean the same of what we like, and what we don't like, or do people think he's going to put his own spin on things? What's his rep?



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My son (current Music Composition major) played for him in University Band two years ago, and was very impressed.  Reaction from the band members I've heard has been very positive.  He has a ton of energy and will certainly put everything into putting a great product out on the field and in the stands.  

True Blue in CO

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brought in an outsider in the from the University of Texas in the form of Glenn Richter. He was not a Michigan Man and only lasted for one year. Since then I believe all of the MMB Directors interim or permanent have been Michigan Men. Makes me believe out new Director will be a great fit with his Michigan history.


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I couldn't be more excited. He is the current Assistant Director and Director of the Hockey Band, so the students know him very well.  He will, without a doubt, uphold the tradition of excellence the MMB has. I can't really say whether or not he will impliment any big changes. I guess we'll find out once the season comes up.


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He does the hockey band, and he's always pretty funny interacting with the students and does a real good job. Happy for him that he gets this opportunity, I know some friends who really like him.

Monocle Smile

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Pasquale is beloved by the student body, but word on the street is that the starched shirts in the Music department weren't quite on board with his particular brand of charisma (unorthodox for a director, to say the least).

As a recent MMB alumnus, I'm very pleased with this move and hope they can find an assistant director as excellent as Pasquale has been.


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I've always liked the guy. He's got the credentials for sure, and having been with the band for the last 5 years, it makes sense for him to take over. Should be a good fit.


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I hope they get back to the highstepping style instead of the flat-footed southern parade walk.  That has been so offensive for so long,,,,,,,,,,,,  They should bring back some of the precision drills and dance steps that were awesome and really energized the crowd.  IE the Saint Louis Blues March was always one of my faves.  I know formation shows can be thrown together is a day or two, but they're so BORING and just silly.


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Pasquale is very popular among the students (honestly, with no disrespect intended, moreso than Boerma) and everyone I've talked to thinks he is a tremendous choice, myself included.

For anyone interested here's his bio on the MMB website:

Of particular relevance to the MMB is his DCI experience: "Dr. Pasquale served as the Associate Brass Caption Manager of the Santa Clara Vangaurd Drum and Bugle Corps from Santa Clara, California, and taught ensemble music as a member of the Brass Staff of the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps from Rosemont, Illinois. [...] During his tenure from 2002-2009, the Cavaliers have been named Drum Corps International World Champions three times and the recipient of two Jim Ott Awards for "Excellence in Brass Performance."

Bando Calrissian

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I'm on board based on what I've seen watching the hockey band over the past few years.  He seems familiar with the dynamics of an athletic band, to say the least.  And it seems like he has the respect of the students.  That speaks volumes to me.

Honestly, all I care about is the MMB having a voice that promotes and ensures the well-being of its students in a respectful way, can stand up for the band in the face of an athletic department that doesn't have the interests of a marching band in mind, and who is willing to steer the band away from its progression towards becoming a DCI corps.  

Let the MMB be the MMB.  And let 'em be heard, fergodsakes.  YUBA.


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First order of business: Lift the ban at Yost and bring back the dancing conductor during a win late in the 3rd period.  Perhaps it has already been lifted; wouldn't know based on this year's hockey performance on the ice.

Mi Sooner

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that the hockey pep band brought to a game back in the 90 and very early '00s.  during this period, the band provided energy to several tight games.  they were so instramental in a few games that they were awarded  teh third star of the game (yeah i know, not possible with today's corporate sponsoring).  who ever takes over, should bring the energy back to the hockey pep band that has been lacking in the past several years.