Assistant Coach Interviews (Sherrone Moore & Mike Zordich)

Submitted by KennyGfanLMAO on August 15th, 2018 at 7:17 PM

I just came across two interviews with Sherrone Moore and Mike Zordich (Credit to Isaiah Hole). Some take-aways:

  • Sherrone seems like a cool dude. Had some nice things to say about the top 3 TE's. He realizes that he stepped into a good situation.
  • Mike Zordich is happier than ever. He has zero criticism of the top 3 guys (Long, Hill, Watson) and he says Thomas is almost to their level. He just needs to work on being more consistent, and continue to work on his footwork and technique, which he says is improving.
  • Zordich was asked about the QB's and it became clear to me that he is terrible at hiding secret information. I may be reading into it too much, but there are multiple moments in the video where he gives away that Shea is the #1 guy (Says the offense has changed because of Shea, and referred to Shea as "our guy")
  • Zordich works with the WR's often and says that they have improved, but I get the feeling that the DB's win more often than not. 

I'll try to post the links, but I've noticed many people have had difficulty. Sorry in advance.









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Sorry SkyPanther. "Missed it by that much"

By the way, I really appreciate your posts on the pressers, but I personally prefer combining them into one thread for discussion. I may be alone in that thought, but having them all together is mildly more convenient, and any form of convenience is appreciated by me. 

Surveillance Doe

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This is not a comment on whether their optimism is justified, but it kind of feels as though the goal here is to exude immense amounts of confidence and excitement about the team. I can't help but wonder if they are trying to get in Notre Dame's head a little. And, if they are, I love it. Make those Domers worry about what's coming.

Surveillance Doe

August 15th, 2018 at 10:39 PM ^

Oh yeah, I'm not commenting on whether or not there is anything behind it. I mean, I'm starting to get pretty fired up about this team just looking at the talent and experience at almost every position. I don't doubt there is genuine excitement. 

Last year, though, Zordich was clearly using the media to communicate messages to his players during fall camp--as you can see in the video, that's not in dispute. I don't believe these guys are coming out here and saying things on accident. It's all very strategic. 

And, if there is a strategy behind what is being portrayed and how it's being portrayed to the media, it seems to be that there is an abundance of confidence in that locker room. It feels kind of like they are putting some people on notice. And, for the record, I don't think they would do that if they didn't think they could back it up. It's pretty fun.


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Would like to also hear from Partridge on safeties and punt teams - both need to be ascending by now.  No word from any insiders is not good. 


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Something is up.  Partridge is a good interview.  Maybe there is something new to keep under wraps regarding special teams?

Not sexy, but big weakness last year was in both punt teams.  Pundits claimed a 300+ yard deficit versus Allen and Peppers. That is huge and needs major improvement.  Could be changes in punter and punt return guys are being tested ... and not ready yet for prime time. 


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I am liking the fact that we are flying a little under the radar. If we can somehow regain an explosive offense, who in the world would want to play us... maybe I’m drinking too much koolaid, who knows. But I can see us being very good this year


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Coach Z seems in a totally different mood this year. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing considering how pissed he was last year and then how well Long and Hill played. A little disappointed to hear St Juste seems to be falling behind the freshman maybe, hopefully just a case of taking longer given his lack of meaningful HS experience.


August 16th, 2018 at 4:41 AM ^

It's good to hear the talent is there at least. Can't teach that. Hopefully he comes around, as it makes me a little nervous that it sounds like we're not super deep if one of Long/Hill goes down with injury (knock on wood). But maybe my expectations of depth are too high from looking at the D-line.