"Ask Steve" UMass Week Edition

Submitted by MGoShoe on September 17th, 2010 at 8:54 PM

Catch the latest iteration of Ask Steve at MGoBlue.com.  Steve Schilling is answering the mail every week, taking questions submitted at [email protected] and via the Michigan football Facebook fan page. 

Stephen Schilling

Here are this week's questions.  Answers at the link above.

  • Josh Wooldridge asks on Facebook: "If someone created a sandwich called "The Schilling," what would it consist of ?"
  • Gabrial Mielke emails: "I'm in the Army currently in Afghanistan and though I can't watch all your games, I try to follow on the internet, when we get connection, LOL. My question is, what's your opinion of the 3-3-5 defensive set?"
  • Cyrus Sidhwa emails: "Can you share some of your thoughts about playing in the incredible rivalry that is Notre Dame and Michigan? Were you aware of the depth and intensity of the rivalry when you were in Washington?"
  • Javier Chico Solares asks on Facebook: "Does Coach Barwis really put a trash can for puking in the middle of the weight room?"