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Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 19th, 2012 at 10:43 AM

Hey guys. I am interviewing Jim Brandstatter tomorrow afternoon and figured there's a ton that I could ask him. I thought I'd enlist your help to get me the best question set possible. I'll pick the best ones besides the ones I've already set aside. Thanks for the help! 


Six Zero

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for so long, I'm sure there's plenty to be said not only of how the team itself has evolved, but also the fan base.

What does Jim think of the mobilized online UM community?  Does he read MGoBlog?

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  • Did you read Three and Out?
  • If so, would you recommend it to your old teammate Dave Brandon, who (according to Departmental press releases) has not read it?
  • Would you confirm the accuracy of Bacon's reporting of your conversations with him?
  • Can you more fully expand on your own conversations with Michael Rosenberg and Mark Snyder, regarding their 2009 reporting?
  • As someone who is both a member of the media but also a quasi-official representative of Michigan football, how do you feel about the current treatment of John U.Bacon by the Athletic Department (shunning his book, cutting off his access, banishment to the back row of the press box, canceled as a speaker by the University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit -- the latter of which I presume Jim is a member, possibly a former Board member, and who is himself one of the organization's most oft-requested speakers and hosts)? 


January 19th, 2012 at 11:15 AM ^

Considering the creation of the Big Ten Championship game, split divisions, as well as Nebraska's program, what is your experience with Nebraska joining the Big Ten? Is it overall positive, negative, neutral and why?


January 19th, 2012 at 11:32 AM ^ about:

1. What effect do you think Urban Meyer will have on the rivalry? On recruiting?

2. Michigan exceeded expectations this year by all accounts. How far away is Michigan from being named among those in the national championship hunt?

3. How does Michigan beat Alabama this September?

4. When the pressure is on, do you think about brunettes?

5. Taco Bell or Wendy's?


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Jim, we have seen a lot of interaction between you and Coach Hoke on camera (Inside Micigan Football, etc).  What's the best off-camera story you can share about Coach Hoke this first year?  Something the rest of us did not get to witness...


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I've always been interested in his travel schedule when he calls Michigan and Lions away games on back to back days and how challenging that might be.  Who coordinates that for him?


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  • Did he think Junior's final catch against Iowa this year was a touchdown?
  • Does he like the current state of college football and where it is headed?
  • Does Michigan football and the Michigan football experience need to be "branded" or "re-branded" to make it more attractive?
  • How's his hot wife?
  • How long will Hoke be able to keep Borges and Mattison at Michigan?
  • Will broadcasting (as a business enterprise) ever allow another Ufer-style partisan to call Michigan games?
  • Has the NCAA lost credibility as an effective governing body for college football?
  • How many games per team in a single season are too much in college football?
  • What is his favorite football memory as a player?  As a broadcaster?  



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Why do the ohio coaches lie so much and do things without any conscience? Has this helped Dantonio become an asshole too? Why does Dantonio make me feel dirty? Do you feel like showering after interviewing Dantonio or an ohio coach?