Around the Horn rips Rodriguez for postgame comment

Submitted by InRodWeTrust333 on October 12th, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Was just watching Around the Horn when the entire Around the Horn crew ripped on Rich Rodriguez for his "You wanna hang me from a building?" comments. They said he needs to stop making everything about him and the wording bothered them. First of all, it bothers me that it seems like you can't say anything these days without offending someone. Second of all, all he is doing is telling people to calm down and things will be okay because it is just one loss. He isn't making it all about him. It's the media that always makes it about him and tries to come for his head at the first sign of trouble. Give the guy a break.



October 12th, 2010 at 6:01 PM ^

i love sports shows, but we don't need the opinions of 4 people to set a negative image about our program. Shows like this were cool at first, but they do make things way too personal. heck the comment wasn't meant for them as they probably aren't fans, so i wouldn't even consider them relevant for comment!

Phil Davison

October 13th, 2010 at 10:44 AM ^

beat women he was a zero. He used to write for the Chicago Sun-Times, the best comparison I have for him is that he was to Chicago what Drew Sharp is to Detroit. Nobody liked him, I've heard his daughter used to get booed in the hallways at Stevenson HS. And she probably deserved it.


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Anything relating to ESPN generally pisses me off. First of all, Denard takes a solid drop in the Heisman poll because of the MSU game. Whether it was deserved or not, I hate the hype that organizations like ESPN (and others) place around one athlete so early in the season, then they have one bad game (sorry they are HUMAN), and all of a sudden they fall off the radar. Give it up already. 

Second, I hate the way they fricking analyze every word that rolls out of the lips of a coach. Like it was already said, RR wasn't trying to make this loss about himself; he was simply trying to say that the fan base (and others) shouldn't come down on him because of one game. And that's a fair statement.


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Ya know, I don't mind PTI and Around the Horn, but I have this sneaking suspicion that it's just the male version of NBC Today and The View.

Bwak bwak bwak bwak.


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ATH is like the farm team for PTI which in turn is a farm team for Sports Center.  Basically someone from PTI goes on vacation, they call up some ATH regular.  Sports Center has a guy goon vacation or have some time they need to fill, they get a PTI guy to rant about something.  


October 12th, 2010 at 6:03 PM ^ pathetic. Don't worry yourself if the talking heads who bloviate there bloviate about RichRod.  That's what they do.  Anyhow, if they all agree, they must be wrong.

New Carr

October 12th, 2010 at 6:04 PM ^

Talk about "Making it all about yourself"....That show blows, like much of the crap ESPN puts out.  A bunch of talking head non-athletes who have built a career off of writing and critiqueing the accomplishments and failings of actual performers in the sports world.

They really need to take a long look in the mirror before accusing others of being self-involved and pretentious.


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I read this as just an immature comment...not a bigoted all the fans that just say 'ass' 'shit' or who make attacks on player like Ezeh who works hard every week with his only 'salary' being a scholarship.  I mean if a football player killed himself from all the crap we say on this board, would you feel guilty.  The F** word rarely is invoked to mean actually homosexuality, ala the south park episode.  I will not read bigotry into this...just a childish immature comment.


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Not really the appropriate place to delve into it, and points are doing their job so I'll keep my opinion on this as short as I can:

I think that's a total cop out. It's a deragatory term for a gay person. The fact that people have co-opted it to use it as a term which means "bad" just shows how horribly ingrained (and wrong) it is. He called the guy that word in an attempt to potray him in a negative light. Plug in the N-Word and it has the same effect. And I hardly think if he used that word instead anyone would call it "immature." The only difference is( for some reason which is still lost on me) the use of "fag" is way more socially acceptable today.