Arnett wears UM gear to OSU; Kurelic counts us out

Submitted by blueloosh on May 3rd, 2010 at 7:26 PM

Rather than editorializing I am just going to paste the relevant bit from this (non-paywall) ESPN recruiting story:

Wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett (Saginaw, Mich./Saginaw) may have arrived in Columbus with a chip on his shoulder. Arnett has approximately two dozen scholarship offers, including Michigan State, Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, Alabama and Notre Dame. However, the one school he has visited, but has yet to offer is Ohio State. Arnett walked into the Woody Hayes Athletic Center wearing Michigan garb. But the talk around the OSU indoor facility did not center on the Wolverines when it comes to Arnett's eventual destination.  If Arnett ends up anywhere but Michigan State (his slight current leader), USC or Oklahoma, it will be a surprise.



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It is very helpful for us newbies.  Credibility is everything on the net.  If this guy is a Michigan hater I know where to file his stuff.  But, is he accurate?  If he's an accurate hater - I can put up with some of his crap.


Can you shoot me a link on any of his past stuff so I can get a feel for this?  Thanks.


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The rumblings of a certain Terrelle Pryor wearing michigan gear to certain Army All American festivities rings a bell. I'd be surprised if we get this kid, but there is a lot of time to go before he signs.

The Other Brian

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The difference is Arnett grew up a UM kid. If this was "old" UM with the pro-style offense, or even we had been successful the last two years with some semblance of a downfield passing game, Arnett would've been one of our first commitments.

Absolutely trust Tom on this one. He likes UM a lot more than he lets on in interviews, and UM will get every opportunity to win him over during the season.


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And I do think we will throw the ball at least a little more this year. Not necessarily down field, though. I'm sure the dude likes UM, a lot of people do including myself. I'm sure Pryor was at least a little fond of Michigan at the time he reportedly wore the UM gear. I like to speculate about recruiting as much as the next guy, but, at the same time, I think we are going to have to wait for the season to be underway before we get a better idea about his intentions. 


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The main reason we haven't been throwing the ball downfield is because we haven't had receivers with the size/speed/hands combo needed.  Granted the QB's aren't the best at planting their foot and launching a rocket 40 yards downfield, but their targets have to get better too.  The point is that if we get receivers like this kid, dowfield play will be more of a part of the offense


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How often has UM tried to go downfield? I can think of Minor missing one from Threet, Hemingway with two TDs on long balls, Tate overthrowing Koger when he had a receiver wide open on the left side. There were a couple more, I know. You can't be successful at it if you don't try. Stonum, Hemingway, Stokes... all of those guys have the skills and our QBs have the ability, it just needs to become part of the playbook. Maybe that's me missing some of the old UM; some over the top play-action.... I love it. Anyway, if the offensive line gives the QBs enough time this year, I think we'll see much more of a mid-to-deep passing game.


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He most likely wore Michigan gear because he wanted to show up all the Ohio kids, and represent for the state of Michigan. I wouldn't read too much into it.

Besides, anyone that tells you they know anything more about him, doesn't. Trust me.


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No, he's said multiple times that he's going to wait and see how everything pans out. So, if anyone (like Kurelic) says Michigan is out, it's not true. I'm saying everyone knows the same thing right now, and it's not going to change for awhile.


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but it seems fairly obvious that we will have a very good shot at him and a lot of other top talent if we can actually win some games this year and look good on the field. Everything will fall in to place. Rodriguez's job will be safe and our recruiting class will be excellent. If we have some key injuries or just suck (which I doubt) then we're in serious trouble for years to come.


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Kurelic is a buckeye through and through. Though DA may not end up at UofM, I will ever take any of bill Kurelic's opinions seriously


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that is his equal anyway.  No worries.  It would be nice to add a few more in-state guys since the talent level seems better than usual.  Go Blue!!!


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I went to some of the Arthur Hill basketball games which he also goes to because he is friends with players on the team (assumption). I have seen him wear USC, Michigan State, and Michigan sweatshirts to different games so he probably does it just "because he can."


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Well if we don't get him, he can go anywhere as long as it isn't MSU. Thomas and Arnett would have everyone fellating Dantonio and talking about his domination of instate recruiting.

Raback Omaba

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Damn, I really want this kid, but I can definitely understand the way he is playing his recruitment, and think that he's going about it the right way.

I love how the kid wore Michigan gear to can tell where his heart is, in my opinion. His head and reason are telling him that going with Michigan is too much of a gamble right now.....

Whatever happens, I hope things fall so that they mean he's part of our program.


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He's got a good head on his shoulders and has some good people surrounding him and helping him with his decisions. His older brothers are very involved with the recruiting process.


Also, he showed up to the 7 on 7 at U of M wearing a USC sweatshirt. I really hope he ends up at Michigan. He's just at another level.


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I'd love to have this kid go to Michigan. But if there's a good chance he's going to MSU, then I'd rather see him wear MSU gear and not Michigan gear. He can't have it both ways. Just quit pretending Michigan is on his list when it isn't.