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DeAnthony Arnett RT @joerexrode: On why MSU over U-M, Arnett cites playing time and offense at MSU. "Denard is gonna do Denard."



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particularly when I don't beleive it has been decided that he can even play next year.  But as was clear from the Detnews article on why kids did not choose UM or MSU, the kids may not always be truthfull about the reasons they chose one place or another.


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Nothing like an ability to do basic math.

So many of these kids get so much smoke blown up their butts, it is amazing that some actually make good decisions.

Waldorf Wolverine

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I think he meant he wasn't going to have as many opportunities to catch the ball with Denard as QB.  Everyone is misinterpreting a rather innocuous statement.  What he meant was "Denard is going to do [what] Denard [always does]," i.e., not be a primarily deep passer.  Or at least, that's how I parse it, based on watching its etymological usage on "Jersey Shore." 


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Throw for 2000 yards and 20 touchdowns in his first year in a complex system, showing that the potential to exceed that next year after a year and half practicing this system? And then giving the offense over to Devin Gardner, who some say has the potential to be a more polished passer than Denard and will be hungry to show the world what he can do? And then hand it over to Shane Morris, who has all the tools to be the perfect quarterback for Al Borges?

If that's what he meant by "Denard is gonna do Denard," then I couldn't agree more. 


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I am glad he will play for MSU to witness their downfall to us in the coming years. The MSU reign is over and like many before him he won't know what it's like to beat Michigan.


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Okay whatever the kid can go to the school he feels most comfortable at, and it's his decision (admittedly a very tough one).  Having said that, he's either lying about his reasons or was lied to and is very gullible, because neither one of those makes any sense.


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He picked another school where he feels he has a better opportunity to play his style of football.

Nothing wrong with that.

Except, well, Sparty...


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When Dantonio is at his post-game presser in Ann Arbor this October, and is asked if he is upset about the loss, something tells me that "No; we got DeAnthony Arnett in February" is not going to be his answer.  

Space Coyote

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He wasn't bashing Denard, he was simply saying that he is going to run a certain type of offense.  That offense, by the way, had a leading receiver of 699 yards and 34 receptions.  MSU had 3 WRs leave that had more than that.

Like it or not, Denard had quite a few bad passes this year.  The offense wasn't a great offense for WRs.  After Denard leaves he is being replaced either by a freshman or another Duel threat that hasn't shown great accuracy yet.  MSU, meanwhile, has pretty good QB depth (Maxwell was a pretty good recruit).  And while he is a new starter, he is a junior, and a pure passer.  Also, he has worked with Maxwell before.  Their offense is pretty WR friendly as well.  He also has a legit chance to step in and start as their top 3 WRs leave this year.

So basically you guys are all just being really, really overly sensitive about this.  He made his choice.  It wasn't necessarily a bad one.  Michigan is heading towards an offense that would make someone like Arnett choose Michigan over MSU, but they are probably 3 years away from that coming anywhere near full effect.  So everyone chill out just because MSU got a good player over Michigan.  And also don't say he isn't a pretty good player.  Let's of petty and over-sensitive people on this board, particularly for a pretty good day.


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You know who else hasn't shown much accuracy (or much of anything)? Maxwell at MSU. You, as well as Mr. Arnett, don't really get it. To say you don't want to go to Michigan because of Denard is questionable because, at most, he would be throwing to him for a year. At MSU, he gets Maxwell, who hasn't done shit. Ever. Here he would follow up Denard with devin, who hasn't shown much yet, but was much higher ranked than Maxwell. Then he would follow that up with the best QB prospect in the nation. At MSU, they have jack and shit behind Maxwell. These are all reasons to question his reasoning. No one really cares he picked them, but his reasoning is just dumb


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Clearly this guy is not a pr specialist and clearly he was saying his now arch rivals qb is not a good passer. And clearly this guy has a no ability to see the forest through the trees. Denard will be a headman candidate and his Wrs will get some love. Maybe 600-800 yards of love but it will be b s qualifying love not the gator bowl. Then factor in Gardner and Shane for two years, plus the Playing time opportunity? Guy is clearly to worried about stats and nfl career before qualifying to be able to worry about it. Guess you can't blame a young kid for worrying about only getting 600 yards but I thought that is just what he did at ut last year with a pro stule qb? I love his talent but he sounds like priorities might be ajar Individual stats guys no longer need apply.


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I think it's pretty obvious what Arnett meant. 

Arnett wants to play in a pro-style system that features the pass just as much as the run. Michigan has two four-star receivers coming in already; Roundtree and Gallon are returning and both are likely to be the starters; therefore, I think it's pretty obvious that Michigan already has 4 lock-ins at the receiving spot. Arnett would never see the field, and when he did, he would rarely see passes coming his way. 

At Michigan State, Arnett has a golden opportunity to become the #1 or #2 receiver. Michigan State is loaded at all of the other positions and they have a solid shot at a Rose Bowl bid next year if they can get by Michigan. 

That being said, I think it's an easy decision. At Michigan, Arnett will be a 5th string wide-out for a run-oriented offense with a 50/50 shot at the Rose Bowl; at Michigan State, Arnett could potentially be an impact player -- starting immediately -- for a balanced offense with a 50/50 shot at the Rose Bowl. 

Honestly, it's pretty obvious why he chose Michigan State.