Army-Navy OPEN Thread

Submitted by NFG on December 14th, 2013 at 3:13 PM
One of the best rivalries in sports. Hopefully no fumbles on the final drive of the game. Go Army! #ducks



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Given the way that recruiting has evolved, player conditioning and size has increased, and super conferences have formed/are forming, we may never see an Army or Navy national champion ever again.  But, that does not take away ANYTHING from this game.  It's pretty amazing and awesome that even though the rest of college football is drifting towards commercialization, money, and sponsorship, the Army-Navy game has remained as traditional as it ever has.  In fact, it's hard to argue that there is truly something more "American" that exists - college sports (American), football (American), Army-Navy.


I love that it's held in Philly, right in between West Point and Annapolis.  Watching the March On earlier (at halftime!) gave me chills.  Somehow, I feel like an Army win to snap their losing streak would reverberate so much more than Michigan's win over Ohio St. in 2011.  Even if you can only watch for 2 minutes today, it's worth every second.


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Favorite non UM football game. Some say amateurism is dead, or that it never existed in the first place. Maybe they're right. But this is the one of the few games where all the players truly are there for something bigger than football. So even if its not the best quality, this is one of my favorite games to watch.


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Here is how Army and Navy match up per TeamRankings:

Army Navy
Yards/Play 5.4   5.6
Points/Play 0.341   0.452
Rush Play % 80.05%   81.22%
Pass Play % 19.95%   18.78%
Completion % 48.89%   49.57%
3D Conv % 45.58%   50.76%
RZ Scoring % 88.89%   90.48%
Army Navy
Opp Yards/Play 6.7   5.8
Opp Points/Play 0.520   0.405
Opp Completion % 62.82%   71.65%
Opp 3D Conv % 46.15%   52.14%
Opp RZ Scoring % 84.44% 


Over there, they are also saying that Army is a 13.5 point underdog and giving a projected score of 31-18. 

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No matter how much college football changes more towards a commercialized money grabber, Army-Navy seems to stay as pure and traditional as it's ever been.

There might not be much more that embodies America than this game.

I have no dog in this fight, but it'd be great to see Army snap their losing streak, especially after they came so close last year. You think we at Michigan have had it bad against OSU? At least we've beaten our rival in the last decade.

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Danielson is at his worst during this is as if he feels contractually obligated to remind everyone watching that the players for the academies don't have the athletic ability of those playing for major college programs.

I refuse to believe CBS couldn't put together a different crew for this game.


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Anyone else watch that halftime show with Winston, Mason, and Manziel?


I was taken aback by how Manziel is now the "mature guy" there.  Honestly, his story reminds me so much of the Fab Five.  Wish the kid luck.