Army All-American Bowl Pics

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I've never posted any photos on this blog before, so sorry if this post is botched.  I just wanted to share some of my pics from the game.  Besides Kalis, I wasn't overly impressed by the Michigan recruits.  They did not perform poorly, just didn't do anything of significant note.  Pipkens made a couple good plays, and got by Kalis one time putting pressure on the quarterback, in their head-to-head.  However, he looked like he'd take off a few plays now and again (it is an all-star game, so I don't put much stock in that).  Kalis was solid the whole game.  I was really impressed with his quick feet and pass blocking.  He definitely stood amongst the five recruits.  Pee Wee is quite the character - as you will see in a couple of the pics.


















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Thanks for the photos.

In an All-Star game, I think having guys not stand out for looking bad is a damn good statement. If you don't get noticably beat by the best of the best, you must be pretty damn good yourself.


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of the restaurants that catered during bowl week. He had two field passes that he gave to me. It was pretty cool. Got to meet the guys. Pipkins is fricken hilarious. Mags said he feels very confident about Garnett, but its not 100% yet. I even meet Kalis's parents, who cried out GO BUCKS when they saw me approach their son w Michigan gear on. I was very impressed with Kyle Kalis - his game and his person. He is very polite, friendly, intelligent, and ALL IN FOR MICHIGAN!


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Well hopefully they at least root for him to pancake who ever he is blocking at the time if not then yes...pretty sad you cannot even cheer for your kid considering Ohio's fan base is probably what put him over the edge in his recruitment to begin with. 

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Does anyone else feel a littlein awe looking at the second pic and realizing that Kalis and Magnuson look freaking massive compared to everyone else (even Ondre)