Arizona State UNIFORMZ v. Notre Dame

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Arizona State unveiled alternate uniforms today and the strong rumor in the Valley is that they will be used in their November matchup at home vs. Notre Dame.  

You may or may not like these aesthetically - personally, I think the helmet/copper facemask is sharp but I don't like the jersey.   But that's  not the point....the egregious crime against all that is sacred in college football  is that ASU's traditional colors of maroon and gold (e.g. yellow) are nowhere to be found.   It is also impossible to ignore that these are highly reminiscent of ASU's PAC-12 Conference foe Oregon State.  

Nike, Adidas, Under Armor...they are all the same.  Just thank God that (at least so far) Michigan has stuck to maize and blue.....

Arizona State copper uniforms.






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If I were a Sun Devil I would hate these.  As I'm not, I think the helmet is very cool.  Had they stuck to the school colors it would be a win.  Maybe white helmet, maroon trident thing with black outline.  Perhaps a yellow/gold stripe on top of helmet.



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Do fans hate regular uniforms? It just seems like 5-10 years ago there weren't any alternate uniforms and now teams wear it 3/4 times a year. I guess I don't get the appeal of the new green and bronze at MSU and stripes and bumblebees at Michigan. I'm not old either. It just seems like a marketing cash grab.

Voltron Blue

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Technically...ASU did add black and copper to its "official" colors back in 2011 when they unveiled the new uniforms, so maybe it's not that egregious.  That said, if you called it egregious that they added those colors in the first place, then I won't argue too hard.



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Copper is one of the Five C's of the State of Arizona, so it definitely has significance. Cattle, copper, citrus, cotton and (I had to look this one up) climate (dumb). I think the colors are nice.

I have lived in Arizona for about 7 years. That's the only reason I know.


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There's a article here which talks about these actually being a homage to Arizona being the most prolific source of copper in the United States, but here's Todd Graham's take on it:

“We wanted to pay homage to this great state while keeping the team’s look consistent,” said Graham. “We are one of the top few teams in the nation with as many looks and combinations as we have, and this plays an important role in building a national fan base and molding Arizona State University into a household name.”


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I like the white on the helmet and the pitchfork to go with the gray and the orange number, it looks really good.  Only problem is these are not ASU colors which sucks but if Oregon State or Texas came out with a similar uniform it'd be a win to me.


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I don't know what Athletic Departments continue to have big unveils for alternate uniforms. No one is impressed anymore outside of your program. I literally see "School X gets new uniforms/helmets" in my feedly every single day.

Just wear your normal uniforms!


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These are amazing. The colors blend well from helmet to jersey. The only issue is what color the pants are. Sure they aren't traditional color, but they have adapted to a traditional color of the state they are from.

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