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I'm still not a fan of richrod even tho he's getting al the love now that he's at AZ and everyone saying "maybe it was a UM problem" and not his fault for $hit tanking our program for 3 yrs...AZ could have and should have had at least 4 losses during the reg season. UW was running out the clock on AZ when they fumbled and az kicked the game winner..they also needed a hail mary to beat freakin CAL???one of the notoriously worst D's in thats 2 more added to their stellar ahemmm record of 10-2..and I still have no idea how ASU didnt pound them like they did the could have very well been 7-5 which is exactly where DickRod desereves to be EVERY year and year out...This 10-2 record seems ominously similar to BHoke's mirage first year campaign.

Ive always said he will always be an 8-4 maybe a 9-3 if lucky, team...remember, this is the same guy who lost a shot at a nat'l title by losing to dave wannstedt (which im currently watching on fox post game trying to speak thru his moustache) and his 5-7 pitt team...not to mention that weekend in particluar, Dec. 5th? 2007 was a dark day for UM football which would set on us on a course to a disastrous 7 yr stretch. Well documented I know but because of that loss along with Missouri's loss put Les Miles which should have been our coach but wasnt becuz we had to wait an extra week or so and someone wanted to go sailing. But looking back, glad Les' tigers won becuz they pounded the $ucks. BUT, IF DickRod's team wins does he become our coach? probably not, and maybe he accepts the Bama job..could u imagine if UM would have gotten Saban instead of DickRod? Funny how fate is a clever B*tch eh?

All this to say that I am sick of hearing how awesome richrod is and how it was becuz he was sabotaged. He should have done his homework more on UM and understand its a very difficult place to win at, thats why he didnt take the Bama job, becuz he saw the writing on the wall. I think he was selfish to take a job he knew deep down he was way in over his head but so was Hoke...UM is a special tricky politically mafiaesque difficult place to succeed...Very glad to see dickrod exposed by the ducks and look forward to seeing him go his usual 7-5, 8-4 predictable result year in and year out. And seeing US=UM play HarBALL! 


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This RR coached Arizona team had a very similar season to Hoke's 2011 team. Yeah the record looks nice but there was a ton of luck involved.

Arizona beat USC on the craziest Hail Mary of the year. They beat a very average Washington team on a last second fg. A fg that they missed the first try but Washington called a timeout. They were also extremely fortunate to walk out of San Antonio with a win.

If Arizona loses their bowl, it'll be a 4 loss season which when you look at the last ten years of Arizona football, that's par for the course.

RR is an average coach. He only appeared to be more than average after Miami and va tech left the big east for the ACC.


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So your opinion is nothing more that hate spew toward RR. Many teams eek out close wins and many factors go into the emotions and performance of college football players. To compare RR to Hoke in any way is a joke. RR has established a career win percentage of over 65% including taking Zona to 36-13 the past years. Hoke is not in the same hemisphere as a coach. Deal with it.
And lol at Miami and VT leaving the Big East. This dreams are dumpster fires. Beating Oregon and competing in the PAC 12 is more impressive.


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How is Moriota a NFL top pick? I'm not saying he isn't an athlete but that kid is no Andrew Luck. His passes float and his release is questionable.

Maybe he is in the mold of Russell Wilson but not in the Rodgers/Brady/Manning mold.

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This game is looking like the UCLA game. Arizona's offense not doing anything and defense getting exhausted by all the three and outs. It's mostly on Solomon. Not getting it done. Inconsistent at times. Youth showing with him and is a bit overwhelmed.