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December 15th, 2012 at 5:42 PM ^


I turned it with under two minutes to play and UA down 13 I think. Dammit, you'd think I'd learn!

At least I hung in there for all of the UTL game.

Going into the game I had picked Arizona with 1 confidence point, but certain Nevada-based sports fans liked the Wildcats so much that I shot it up to like 30. I was sweating for most of the day.


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Exciting ending, terrible game, unwatchable defense (shock).  AZ got a Neb/MSU style PI call to give them a chance and they capitalized.  The 12 people in attendance were excited.


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Did anyone happen to see the fight that broke out between the Arizona players on the sidelines in the second quarter?  Apparently there was some heated discussion before one of the d-lineman (Hood?) threw a punch at one of the linebackers who then returned with punches before the two were broken up.  The linebacker was escorted to the locker room, but the lineman continued to play for a while before he was eventually sent back too.  I hate to see that amongst teammates.


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DT:  "I deserve to get GERGS (or whover mediocre DC they have) beaver to the face." 


LB:  "Shut the front door!"  "Did you see me on that play, I was turrible and deserve the beaver."


DT:  "What the freak man, there is no way that you were more turrible than I was, I have been letting guys right past me and that is why I get the honors of having beaver in my face."  


LB:  "I had beaver in my face and it was your girl friends... last night."


DT:  "I got two beavers for you, why don't you say hello!"  (Proceeded to punch LB in the face)



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Score a ton of points against craptastic competition. Check.

Unwatchable defense. Check.

Lack of overall discipline (2 az players got into a fistfight on the sideline). Check.

Sounds about right.


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I was watching that game but changed to the end of the IU/Butler game when I figured there was no chance.. guess that proves to me once and for all that I don't know a damn thing.


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Must have been a crazy ending, i changed the chanel when  Arazona fumbled and a guy picked it up and got out of bounds to stop the clock down 13 with about a minute and a half to go at about their own 30.

Changed back and they were on the 2 going infor the tie.  Im guessing a long bomb and an onside kick? Good for RR but Arizona looked pretty bad tbh. Should be interesting once he gets some of his own players in there.

turd ferguson

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Jeff Casteel is Arizona's DC, and a lot of people here seem to believe that he's Greg Mattison but good at coaching defense.  I'm interested to see what happens over the next few years, but here are the points surrendered by Arizona this year during the Pac-12 schedule (and bowl):

Oregon - 49
Oregon State - 38
Stanford - 54 (OT)
Washington - 17
USC - 36
UCLA - 66
Colorado - 31
Utah - 24
Arizona State - 41
Nevada - 48


December 15th, 2012 at 7:27 PM ^

No one here -- even the RR defenders -- has said Casteel is "Mattison but good at coaching defense."  Casteel had a pretty good track record at WVU  This is his first year at Arizona, and they apparently were starting five walk-ons on defense at times this year.

Everyone here, including the RR defenders, loves Mattison. 

What many folks don't love, however, is that we have gotten a WCO re-tread who has a history of regressing offenses at each of his stops.  (Yes, we hired Gerry DiNardo's OC.  Glad we saved that money and kept our Manball philosophy alive.)  This was the first time in over forty years we had three games in which we didn't score a touchdown, if I remember correctly.  And that was with a senior Denard Robinson, who holds many of the all-time leading Michigan offensive records. 

Look at what RR's first year Arizona team did offensively, and then look at our slide in all offensive categories from 2010 to 2011 to 2012.  If you do not understand why some of us still wish we had a RR offense (or a Sonny Dykes or Kliff Kingsbury or Chip Kelly, etc. offense), instead of Big Al's, I don't know what to tell you.  By what metric is Al Borges doing well here and showing progression?  By what metrics did he show progression at Auburn, Cal, Indiana? 

Since you appear to like numbers, here are a few:

National Rank in Total Offense (Michigan)

2010: 8

2011: 42

2012: 81

National Rank in First Downs/Game (Michigan)

2010: 22

2011: 50

2012: 99

It appears we are sacrificing a lot just for a few quips at post-game press conferences.  I suppose it all depends on what you value more.


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That you just cut and paste and rearrange for your exact same post you add when you come on once every week? Or do you actually have a thought about ANYTHING else concerning Michigan athletics? Because if so you haven't posted it for months.