Aren't We Where We Should Be?

Submitted by Commie_High96 on October 21st, 2017 at 11:00 PM
Like, this Sucks... No question. But before the season we thought we'd be 8-4 to 10-2. That's were we all thought we'd be. In his 3rd year at Stanford, JH was 8-4. We have shit freshman receivers, a second string qb, but, did we really think we would be better than this?



October 22nd, 2017 at 1:31 AM ^

do better than Jim Harbaugh (and if they do, they need to gtfo), but people are reasonable to think Jim Harbaugh can do better than Jim Harbaugh.  He needs to hire better offensive coaches (and figure out what his role should be, maybe to give up more control).

And he needs to recruit/develop a better QB.  I'm confident that he will, but it's disappointing that he hasn't to this point. So people are bitching.  It's justified.


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Look, Harbaugh's not going anywhere, and this fan base after RR and Hoke should still be fucking ecstatic to have him.


So let's start with the premise that you're not going to get someone better than Harbaugh as HC and go from there. Want to talk about Drevno? I'm with you. Want to talk about Jay Harbaugh and the RBs? Let's do it.


But can this bullshit talk about Harbaugh. For fuck's sake I thought (hoped) this fan base hit rock bottom after the pathetic response to the MSU loss, but it appears we're striving for worse now.


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What exactly did Harbaugh win?  What the hell are you smoking kid?

MSU last year

Wisconsin last year

PSU last year

Florida twice

Heck i'd throw last year's OSU game in there if it weren't for those OSU refs giving the game away.

You're pissed and I'm pissed just like everyone in Wolverine nation is pissed off right now. But have some perspective of where we were at before Harbaugh arrived to where we are right now. This was EXPECTED to be a rebuilding year and so far the results show. 

Sheesh...sometimes Michigan critics can sometimes act like fucking entitled primadonnas. 

The Fan in Fargo

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You say what I've been saying all along. Need to pass to run against the good defenses. Also need to stretch the boundaries, which I think they did well tonight considering they weren't getting much straight ahead. You cant run the ball smash mouth against the best teams unless you have the line and the runningbacks to do do it. Michigan's linemen are not tough at all. Have no conviction or badboy side. More like pretty boys pretending to play football. If the QB cant get time to throw, need to stretch the boundaries like with the bubble screens and although it's a running play, your sweeps fall into the category. Quick slants, curls, hooks, outs and circles are all great routes and easy for a QB to hit at close range for 5 yards a pop. When you get the defense biting on this stuff, you burn them over the top. Remember the greatest offense ever?? Yeah that was the forty-niner offense back in the 80's and early 90's. They had good running games too. I'm just saying that maybe it's time Michigan did something different. I know we all saw tonight how passing on first down looked. It was awesome.That's what this team has to do and work on. Get it done and hit it hard. That's the best chance for success on the season in the remaining big games. You aren't running the ball on Wisconsin or Ohio Cheat.


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The only problem with this argument is other teams have young players as well. Last year we didn’t have young players and we still went 10-2. Our problem is we don’t have the right young players. We recruit players that fit into a scheme while elite teams recruit the best players and find a place for them to make plays. That’s when osu started beating us regularly. The went away from manball and adjusted to how college football was changing. We are running the same offense over that last 30 years and we still can’t stop mobile quarterbacks..


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Get the fuck out of here with your "last year was the year" shit. College football is too finicky to be the type of program where you rebuild rather than reload. In our year our most exciting win was over #8 Wisconsin in our 6th game of the year, and we still fucking lost to OSU. Harbaugh isn't going anywhere but this type of performance is fucking pathetic in year 3 regardless of circumstances. People here were calling Franklin a joke when we steamrolled him last year. Well, the tables have turned. We got fucking wrecked and there is just no excuse for that.


October 22nd, 2017 at 12:45 AM ^

So your reasoning to debunk our notion that "last year was the year" is some generic notion about college football being finicky?


UM's team last year had a lot of good players recruited by Hoke but behind them were the components of the Rivals  31st ranked recruiting class in 2014 and 50th ranked recruiting class in 2015 (Indiana was 49th, Wake Forest 51st).


This was a pathetic performance tonight, but forgive me for more fully analyzing the position in which UM finds itself.

Steve in PA

October 22nd, 2017 at 1:05 PM ^

They were good because "Bubble Screen Franklin" was smart enough to see his time as the new-hot thing was expiring and without hiring a new offensive coordinator he was going to be shown the door.  As repulsive as Franklin is, he has hired good-to-great coordinators.

Michigan hired a great coordinator in Brown, but who would consider anyone on the offensive side of the ball a great hire if they were hired away by another team?  


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Michigan loses to MSU on a once-in-a-lifetime punter gaffe to end the game in '15, then by 4 in a monsoon with a backup QB who transferred because he was the backup QB at his previous school, and people want this to somehow be Exhibit A that it's Harbaugh's fault and indicative that he can't beat his rivals. And I'd love for you to make your case that last year's loss at OSU was Harbaugh's fault.

I'd show you the logical fallacies that make your post laughable but I'm not sure you'd understand them.

(As an aside, some picked FSU to beat Alabama in Week 1 this year, then they lost their starting QB in that game and now they'll enter November without a single win yet at home....)




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State had one long drive. TD on the screen (that frankly was pretty damn nice...they set up UM's defense perfectly, something else Drevno sucks at.)


The other one was after Isaac's fumble, then Bush takes a 15 yard personal foul penalty after Michigan gets a stop, extending the drive that ended up a TD instead of a FG try with a medicore kicker.


6 turnovers by an offense led by a backup QB at two different schools, but yeah, I'm an idiot.


And it's Harbaugh's fault.