"Are you a Notre Dame fan?" is the new "Do you know who I am!?!?"

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Additional information from SI regarding Calabrese's role in the Rees arrest from a couple weeks ago.

And as an aside, for any big-shots our there, when you are interacting with a police officer, don't spout off with anything related to "Do you know who I am?"   "Do you know who my Daddy is?"  "I'll have your job!"... it never works.




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As long as the real discipline is handled internally to ND then there will be zero impact to the football program. This is the part that gets strange, I guess I would think that they should lose one game to suspension <shrugs> but nothing more unless these guys are repeat violators of team rules, or regular drunks.



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From the AOL / Sporting news piece on the same subject, regarding Calabrese's supreme reasoning powers (http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/story/2012-05-16/):

"Calabrese allegedly responded “that it was relevant and that Officer Finley did not like Notre Dame football by how (Finley) was acting toward him and his teammates.”"

If that's the best he can do for reasoning, then it is a small wonder that he believed that his people would descend on the scene of this "outrage". Actually, I am impressed Calabrese was anywhere near this - you typically don't see ND backs of any kind anywhere near the action.



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in a community where there are a fair number of celebrities. I wouldn't bet against "do you know who my mom/dad is?" as being his absolute favorite thing to hear when he stops someone.


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Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has acknowledged the incident and the school has said any discipline will be handled internally.

The kind of discipline that never involves any loss of playing time. 


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Maybe i just have yet to see this but I know that those players would have been suspended indefinitely by Hoke until everything was handled legally. A good example would be the whole Furman deal. I do think that the NCAA should implement a rule that requires schools to indefinitely suspend players when it comes to legal matters. Let the legal system run its course and let the school internally discipline the player after. It might make players think twice before doing something stupid.


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I am with you because we have all done something stupid in our lives and I have been grateful for the second chanes I have received.  In this case, they assualted and threatened police offiers.  Seems beyond most things stupid college kids do. They need to be punished swiftly and severe enough where in makes a lasting impression on them. Just my opinion of course.


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I, for one, can say I haven't done anything so stupid when confronted by Law Enforcement.  I did some pretty stupid things in college (douse the dorm floor with a fire extinguisher comes to mind).  But IF the police ever came knocking, there are three absolute facts:  I wouldn't run, and I wouldn't knee one in the stomach, and I sure as hell wouldn't say "my people will get you."

That's not being stupid.   That's begging for a jail cell.


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Perhaps you're a better person than I am. 

I expect you've never had a friend or family member arrested, for any offense (your reaction to law enforcement).  If you have, I expect you villified and cut them off, just as you would these ND players.  I would not do the same.


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I've heard the "Do you know how much money my dad donates to this school?" line myself.

OTOH, I've had a cop flash his badge at me while trying to bring in a bag of food.  Sorry buddy, you have rules to obey too.

"And as an aside, for any big-shots our there, when you are interacting with a police officer, don't spout off with anything related to "Do you know who I am?"   "Do you know who my Daddy is?"  "I'll have your job!"... it never works."

are we speaking from experience?  ;)


CRISPed in the DIAG

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Speaking as someone who has police officers working for him (yes, my parents are quite proud. thx)  I can say that the "do you know me" line sometimes never has to be uttered to work for the offender.  The following folks are regularly given breaks following incidents like traffic offenses, possible DUI or domestics.  These are real-life examples from nearly 20 years of municipal goverment:

1) Family of the officer or a fellow officer

2) Friend of the officer

3) City Council member (sometimes...however, acrimonious labor negotiations have made this one a coin-flip, at best).

4) City Managers (see #3)

5) Wife of City Manager (see #3)

6) Really important person in the community (like a high school football coach or popular high school principal).

My guess is SB police (much like AA, EL or Mt P blues) are probably quite negative toward campus shenanigans.  So, no, they don't give a shit who you are.