The "Are We Under Lockdown Again?" Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 10th, 2011 at 6:33 PM
I mean when the "straight from the former coaches" post is shooting past 160, I figure our options have been limited.



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Michigan calls a team meeting.. 
For tomorrow in the PM..

"i'll bet anyone $500 that the defense doesn't show up." From a user named Skillet



.....i shouldn't have, but i giggled at that.



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But those guys over at Tiger Droppings are alright, and they are rational thinkers, unlike other team sites *cough*MLive*cough*RCMB*cough*. Sure, they have a few nuts, but who doesn't? Every family has to have that one uncle that no one talks about....


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It seems like there are only a couple of new posts, when earlier today we were getting dozens, so I figures the site had been locked down to keep from crashing again.
<br>If it's still functioning normally, and people have just run out of things to say, this thread can be deleted.


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You can gauge the traffic by our ability to do stuff ... I think logins on the home page have been disabled since the music started and the carousel began turning, but from time to time it goes deeper. The best has been being able to vote and reply pretty much anywhere (although I haven't tried to create a new post; no big loss, what would I say now that hasn't been said already?), and right now it seems like you can reply only to posts and vote on nothing. (Presumably the iPhone/iPod access hits the site slightly differently. My Touch prefers not to log in ... don't know if you had to be logged in already or if you can log in on your iDevice now. I'm happy to blame my Touch.)


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That is very strange because I am positive that I lost the ability to form at least rational opinions a long time ago.  At least back then I was still able to vote.  Now, with no ability to form rational opinions, I am also unable to vote.  Color me very concerned . . .

Desmonlon Edwoodson

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I heard that Les Miles's dad already took money from Michigan months ago for Les to become the new head coach(Les carried it home to Dad in large Adidas gym bags).  Apparently the NCAA says that is okay, because Les was not aware...