Are we going to pursue James Young? (2013 SG)

Submitted by kaykaybroke on April 3rd, 2012 at 10:07 AM

James Young is a 2013 SG out of Troy, MI and is a consensus 4-5 star across the board. ESPN even has him top 10 in the country. I saw MSU and some other mid-major schools have offerred, but don't see why we haven't yet. Has anyone heard anything about our pursuit of this kid?

We also definitely have the room to take him as well, after the 3 departures.



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As opposed to the unfounded speculation out there, my parents live in Troy and I was recently out there to visit and talked to one of their neighbors who is a teacher at Troy High (and a big Michigan fan).  I mentioned James Young and was told the academic issues are real, but it's mainly because he doesn't seem to care or put in any effort, rather than a lack of intelligence.  Even said he doesn't show a lot of desire/effort in basketball (putting in extra practice time, etc), but he's just plain better than everyone else so it doesn't matter.  


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State was very tentative in their offer as Izzo has questions about the kid, but he's a great player no doubt, there is just some risk involved.  He's better than Bo Ziegler, but Bo Ziegler is the safer recruit.


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I heard that Izzo was reluctant because of Jabari parker, not his academic issues. I heard that he didn't want to take both Parker and Young since they play the same position and we're already stocked at that position with gary harris and keith appling. I could be wrong though.


Young is very interested in MSU, and he plays AAU ball with The Family which is where Izzo gets alot of his Michigan recruits from


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The kid is a stud.  He seems to want to go out of state though.  Lookout for the Buckeyes.  OSU coaches have been to more games than any other staff.  Also, Kentucky is a good possibility sinc they'll have some spots available.


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I know him from playing basketball in oakland county as I go to a school not too far from Troy.  He is a really nice kid, but has really struggled on standardized tests.  And when I say this, I mean you need an 18 on the act to qualify for D1, and he is more than a couple of points away.  I will say this, I saw Brundige play last year at Southfield when I was on JV at an Oakland County school and our varsity teams played, Brundige was good, but didn't really stand out.  Young is a baller.  We scrimiged them this year and he tore us apart.  Has an incredible motor to get to the rim, and will be a star in college.  One major weakness though is a lack of effort on defense.