Are our top 3 receivers all injured, or something else?

Submitted by WichitanWolverine on November 12th, 2017 at 11:25 AM

There was some discussion on this yesterday after the game but I haven't seen a solid conclusion. We know Black is out with is foot injury but what is going on with Perry and Crawford?

According to, Crawford has played once in the last 3 weeks, against Minnesota. I did confirm this morning he was on the field for Evans' second TD run. MGoBlue also says that Perry played against Maryland but not Minnesota.

These guys have combined for 1 catch since the Penn State game (Perry had one against Rutgers). It's starting to make sense why Peters is only throwing to TEs and checkdowns to RBs. Does anyone know exactly what is going on with these two?



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The problem is that once you get into the secret room, sure, it has great information but then you open the fridge and realize that the mayo is long expired and that there seems to be a constant shortage of corned beef and other deli products. Also, someone keeps hooking up an IV to the bottles of Glenfidditch - it's quite unsanitary actually. 

Maize in Cincy

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They need to just line tight ends up outside at this point. I believe in the Gentry TD there were 3 TEs running routes. They aren’t going to beat anyone deep on the outside that way but the current receivers aren’t being connected with anyway so that’s not relevant.


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I can't believe how many injuries we've had to starters.  Currently our #1 WR (Black) and #2 WR (Crawford) are out, our #1 QB (Speight) is out, our RG (Onwenu) is out, our #2 RB (Isaac) is out, and it's possible our #1 RB (Higdon), our #2 CB (Long), our #1 SDE (Gary).  That is an insanely high number of starting players are really important positions.


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You forgot Eubanks. He may not seem like a big injury because it happened early in the year and this was his first year to contribute. However, listening to a few of the offensive coaches interview over the year, he got alot of the reps in the fall for the packages that utilized flex TEs. He also looked really fluid running intermediate and long routes and had good hands. I think his lose is missed more than we fans may realize.
Additionally, I think hill is more likely to miss next week than Gary. I was seated pretty close to where the defense sat when they were off the field. Gary looked like he could go back in if asked and was in high spirits joking with Hurst a bunch at the end of the game.
A concussion doesn't really tell us if more games will be missed. Mild ones see guys back the week after. Whereas, Eubanks got a more serious one and has missed like 4 or 5 games.

Dorothy_ Mantooth

November 12th, 2017 at 11:41 AM ^

or could be a need for better ball skills and/or more physicality (see above: lack of size/strenght)

maybe they're not running good routes, maybe they're not open, but whatever the case, not many throws coming their way - and the position on the whole, since Black went down, has not been much of an asset 

Gulo Gulo Luscus

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there are six freshmen ranked in the top 100 in receiving yards. not to say that defines a "contributor"; you need ~550 yards to crack the top 100. black was on track to be around that mark, but that would still make him an outlier among freshman wr. and our qb situation hasn't helped. still disappointing that we can't get DPJ going.

yossarians tree

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Since Speight went down we have seen very vanilla offensive playcalling that has morphed into straight up mauler formations with multiple TE and usually just one wideout. Jim is trying to win games and is channeling his inner 1970s Bo Schembechler. So far he's put together an 8-2 record out of a very young, banged-up unit. These young guys will all get better quickly and things will open up.