Are Coordinator Intro Press Conferences the Norm?

Submitted by winterblue75 on January 10th, 2014 at 3:08 PM

There seems to be an underlying tone from some local media and twitter (and not just the typical asshats in this town) that this press conference today was a media grab by UM to get some spotlight back on the program in Ann Arbor.

A lot is being said that introductory press conferences for coordinators are not standard operating procedure. Are they? I'm not sure

Also that Hoke was basically relegated to just a figure head today because he didn't answer questions while DB did.

Just curious as to people's thoughts on these items



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Happens everywhere, all the time for offensive and defensive coordinators.  The journalists who are doing this (cough Drew Sharp cough) are an embarassment. 

MI Expat NY

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I would guess you don't generally do one when it's a completely new staff.  The head coach's press conference serves for the whole staff, even if that staff hasn't been hired yet.  Though, I'm sure someone could dig up a Mattison or Borges quote or two shortly after hiring.  I'm sure they were made available early in their Michigan tenures.  


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iowa state held a press conference to announce Mark mangino the other day. Isn't that part of the AD's and head coaches job, to creat excitement around their program?


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The narrative in Detroit is pretty typical of any other city. You get nice fluff coverage when your winning and get critical coverage when your losing. With social media & talk radio they just keep piling on to no end. Just stay away from Drew Sharp articles & Valenti if you don't want to hear it.


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Pretty much the norm as far as I know. Maybe if its an internal promotion, not, but otherwise pretty much every team introduces the new coaches to the local media in a press conference. I mean, isn't that what they're supposed to do? How else do they meet the media but in a press conference?


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Drew Sharp is persona non grata around here. As is true of all of his tussles with logic and internal consistency, his latest word pile is not welcome here.


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FWIW, I didn't mention him or whatever he may have said or wrote. I'm just talking about the general narrative right now being discussed on talk radio and from media types on Twitter that aren't persona non grata. Just seems the general tone after the presser today is again refelcting badly on UM and DB, right or wrong, care or not care.


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Pressers are common. Even if they weren't, what's wrong with trying to get some free press, particularly when it could influence potential commits? Hypothetically, even if PCs for new coordinators were rare, the media could just as easily compliment UM for being creative. But that wouldn't be consistent with the narrative that they're selling.


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Big deal. I don't know if OC press conferences are the norm, but after last season's offensive output and the flat notes upon which the season ended (again), why the hell not?


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Out of curiosity, I searched "coordinator press conference" and came up with numerous recent introductions (ours is topping most searches now) in addition to the typical weekly ones that a lot of programs as well as NFL teams normally have. This includes a lot of smaller schools too, of course. As someone said though, it's a way to build excitement and highlight what is going on with your program, something that is part of the AD's job description anyway whether you are Michigan or a smaller school with a less prestigious program. 


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When was the last time the media didn't insert some incendiary commentary meant to not only get clicks but to prolong a story ad nauseum? If there is a number one contributor to the downfall of society, it's the 24 hour media cycle, and ad dollars. 


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Of course, had they not held the presser, the media would complain about not having access to information. The real problem is that media types have to generate something, and not all of them are good enough to do it with talent, they need a hook - the two fellows mentioned are prime examples of that.


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One story they are hitting hard today (about a day late) is the Austin Hatch story. I saw at least 2 separate mentions and the video on Sportscenter today. M and Belien did get a decent mention at the end also.

Toasted Yosties

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about how terribly the the press conference went.   I watched the press conference online here in Texas and didn't get any of the vibe being discussed in Michigan.  There was a quick introduction by Hoke, a basic "Thanks to my family," and "Michigan is awesome." from Nuss followed by a short Q and A.  Short and sweet.  Did they interrupt the local channels to broadcast it or something?  The bottom line, if you're a member of the media who doesn't think its newsworthy, don't report on it.


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If you watched on, the sound was almost non-existent. From what I could hear, Nussmeier sounded good, said all the right things. I thought he did exactly what he needed to do. Hoke sounded a little shaky at times - my female intuition tells me that he doesn't love the situation (having to let a close colleague go), but that he's behind the hire 100%. Just a hunch. I don't know what the Michigan media is saying, but in general it was fine. 


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and he seemed to imply that the offense staff would remain. Said they were all great and calling them out by their first names. It appears Funk will remain on staff.

Also, you are perceptive regarding Hoke's discomfort discussing Borges leaving. He sort of fumbled through that. 


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A coordinator change at Michigan gets almost as much coverage as a Sparty Rose Bowl appearance.  I would say that is a great indication of the relative relevance of the two schools.


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There is truth to it though.

MSU pretty much could never have done what we just did.  No MSU coordinator hire is going to make national headlines.  Part of it is that they couldn't afford to hire a guy like Nussmeier, but the reason they couldn't afford it because they don't have a large enough (or rich enough) fanbase.

Both MSU's current success and our current mediocrity are perceived by most people - rightly or wrongly - as abberations.  




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this press conference today was a media grab by UM to get some spotlight back on the program in Ann Arbor.


You say this like it's a bad thing.


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I didn't. What I was referring to was some media types saying that. Talking about trying to get the spotlight back on AA and away from East Lansing. To me anytime UM athletics can be the focal point for a day or two is a good thing....except for skywriting over East Lansing.


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Not that uncommon but I thought it was strange Brandon was the alpha and not Hoke. I understand the AD running the presser for a head coach hire but I think the HC should be doing it for his assistant.


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the amount will have been amended since it was written, but Hoke is allocated a pool of money to hire his staff. Hires must be approved by Brandon, but the funds for staff compensation is part of Hoke's budget and under Hoke's control. Obviously Brandon was and, since Nussmeier's contract is not finalized, still is involved in determining Nussmeier's compensation but ultimately the funds available for staff in Hoke's budget will be increased to cover Nussmeier. 

Hoke hired Nussmeier.