APR is not an issue wrt recent losses from the team?....

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This is a re-post but Brian did us all a favor and put this to bed last March. APR is not an issue barring a disaster on the team. I don't know what happened with Austin White to cause his exit...but APR is not an issue wrt to his leaving. The sky is not falling... http://mgoblog.com/content/apr-raw-and-wriggling



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And this is the quote we really need to pay attention to:

Next year is when Michigan might feel some pain and the corresponding Super Fun Headlines that go along with it. The fancy 979 from 2006 drops off the calculation and Michigan will have to deal with the 918 put up in Lloyd Carr's last year, the 940 from Rodriguez's first, and the transfer-saddled 897 just posted. To avoid falling under the 925 mark they'll have to put up a 945 next year

Sextus Empiricus

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clearly we don't want players leaving the team, but both were eligible so it's only 2 points out of 170ish (walk-ons awarded scholarships are counted and thus dilute the calculation).  No one outside the program knows how many of the walk ons are awarded scholarships, but assuming it's 170ish that leaves eight(ish) more points before the 945 mark is hit.

That would mean we could lose 7 more eligible players (3 ineligible) and still hit the mark.  That's how I read this.  Am I reading that wrong?  I don't see 7 guys falling out.  Maybe one (more?) not qualifying (but sticking with the team - another possible one point loss).

If we didn't hit the mark - we would potentially lose that players scholarship for next year. Not the end of the world. The loss of a scholarship is not a definite either as long as we don't lose a player who is ineligible.  

The APP also has other built-in factors that allow teams to avoid penalties. For example, if a team earns a substandard APR but has no students leave school ineligible, the team is not subject to an immediate penalty.

 IMO (which admittedly means little) the worst case scenario calls for the new compliance person to write up an improvement plan that is submitted to the NCAA.  RR is doing many things already to address academics.  The NCAA would be hard pressed not to see that.

Eventually we get over the transfer year and this goes away.