APR is more of a concern than Secondary Depth

Submitted by dieseljr32 on September 8th, 2010 at 12:03 PM

Although it does suck that Vlad Emilien has decided to transfer from a position that seems like no one wants to play we should not be worried so much by the depth but more about the APR.

If you look in hindsight, would Vlad had been a great football player if he couldn't start on the two worst defenses in Michigan Football history?  Losing him undoubtedly hurts depth on a insanely flimsy position but with him being on the field would he have been a good player?  If I am correct, Vlad only played when Michigan was up by twenty in the last minutes of the UConn game.  Maybe his knee injury is the reason why he couldn't beat out a converted WR and a walk-on.  Yes, Jared Van Slyke is out for the whole year which is the reason why Vlad's decision to transfer is so mind-boggling.  This could bring the emergence of Marvin Robinson who may end up playing better than Vlad Emilien could. 

The APR issue is the one that's worrying me.  How many transfers can Michigan handle before we finally go below that "mendoza line"?

Let's move on from Emilien transferring and focus once again on the football season. 



September 8th, 2010 at 12:22 PM ^

the same thing...We needed a really good APR this year to stay above the line and not lose scholarships..I can't remember if their acedemic standing when they transfer matters...if it doesn't, i'm pretty sure we're screwed. Can anyone with some knowledge on the subject comment?

Space Coyote

September 8th, 2010 at 1:36 PM ^

A lot of it depends on if they left in good standing with the university I believe.  Each player is worth 2 points, one for staying academically eligible and another for staying with the team.  Where this could end up costing Michigan is if current players finish ineligible academically or if the transferring players do, which could seriously add up.

I think the scariest part of the whole thing is that Michigan is going to be on probation for the infractions they committed, so there won't be much wiggle room with the NCAA on these matters.

Sorry for being all Debby Downer right there.