Apparently, Engler has been Fired at MSU

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Heard on radio, no link, but lots of Twitter scuttlebutt too... 



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I have heard rumblings from professors that MSU applications are down considerably, so they are taking students that previously could not have gotten into MSU.  Enrollment will be similar numbers, but there will be a much lower threshold for students who will be enrolled in this year and possibly following years.


I'm not sure what Engler said yesterday, but I'm guessing the unfortunate reality is that the MSU board is forced to due something now, because the enrollment issue.  If there were no changes there, I'm not confident he would be forced out.  

Mr Miggle

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While it's true that applications were way down, that was expected. It's why MSU took an extra large freshman class the year before.

The BoT is moving against Engler because their membership changed in the last election and it was an issue for the new members. They're pushing to fire him and his supporters are worn down.


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I'd take a slightly different view of MSU's behavior. It isn't ignore it and hope it goes away, it is attack the opponent and hope they go away.  Rightly or wrongly, this approach has been worked for them for decades.  

That has been their culture.  To the point that the BoT had George Perles on it.  An individual who had the local police so in his grasp that local citizens couldn't report the misdeeds of those associated with the athletic program.  

My belief is that the BoT took the typical MSU approach and hired someone (Engler) to push back against the victims.  And once the story went national and beyond just sports, and won't just fade away, the various media outlets are following and documenting the boorish behavior at MSU.  And that's why this time its blowing up spectacularly in their face.  


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Yeah, I have to assume the real reason is MSU is finally past the part where they need an ignorant asshole running the shop and actually want students to want to attend their school again.  MSU saw a dip in applications after the Nassar situation, and I'm sure that they don't like seeing it being brought up again by this fucker.


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Yeah, seems interesting that his recent comments were the straw that broke the camels back. He's been making these kinds of comments since he took the position of president. He also was never thought to be a decent human being as governor. Fire whoever brought him up as a candidate in the first place. 


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Interestingly enough, neither is actually correct. 

"Thumbs up" would not have been an option in the circumstance.  An emperor would either cover his thumb with the rest of his fingers for "live" or give a "side thumb" making reference to a sword for "die." 

The more you know....


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"I have watched Engler not only interact with our courageous survivors but our faculty, employees and students as well," said Trustee Brian Mosallam. "He's not only a bully, he is a mean-spirited human being. His time is up."

Exactly this....


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It’s good that he’s gone, but it’s still a terrible look on MSU’s regents that it’s happening now instead of months ago when he was doing all sorts of unethical things. It seems to me that they brought him in with covering things up in mind, let him be reckless and terrible throughout this entire Nassar scandal, then only after they’re mostly clear of it, fire him. Meanwhile he gets millions of dollars and MSU’s image is “redeemed” because they made the bad man go away.


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I agree with this - I think MSU sees it as mission accomplished in protecting the university and coaches and I don't give them much credit for firing him now. If it's true he is being fired, they are only doing this now as they are mostly clear of the scandal at least publicly and can now try to save face by firing him. But his recent comments (and numerous prior comments) are completely consistent with what he was always hired to do - spearheading the damage control effort with a complete disregard to those affected.

Boner Stabone

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He was brought in to protect Mork and Izzo.  He circled the wagons and protected them.  MSU will look at this as a mission accomplished by him for taking care of their legendary coaches.


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I firmly believe that when all is said and done competing with the UM--envy and hatred of the arrogant intellectuals down the road--will be seen as the driver of this entire fiasco. They couldn't compete in the classroom, but they thought they could do it on the playing field. And let's be honest, they succeeded for a time. The university's women--and ultimately the university--will be paying a miserable price. 

Under Engler--yes--they have settled some legal issues. But I doubt many faculty or students think the university itself has gained. At least making it look like MSU was facing the truth honorably, making changes, trying to do right by the victims. . . these were the crucial considerations. 

Politics or no politics, it is my understanding that one interest group in the legislature threatened the university with lost funding if it didn't hire Engler. If so, they too should pay the price.