AP Polls Individual Ballots- Interesting

Submitted by swarwick33 on September 22nd, 2009 at 1:58 PM

I was reading an article on ESPN, and was directed to a link which allows you to see the individual polls of all 60 voters. The state of Michigan has 2 people voting, Angelique Chengelis (The Detroit News) and Joe Rexrode (Lansing State Journal). Angelique has Michigan ranked 22, Rexrode has them ranked 24. Michigan clocked in at #23 in the poll.

Here is the link- http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/files/specials/top25_front/voters.html?SIT…

After looking at all of the polls here are some quick observations.

-Michigan was ranked in 46 of 60 polls. 6 Southern polls, 3 Western polls, 4 Midwest Polls, and 1 East Poll (W.Virginia FWIW) excluded them.
-They got some nice national love. Of the 4 national media members with votes, all of them ranked Mich. Craig James (ABC) and Tom Hart (CBS CSN) had them ranked 12th and 11th respectively.
-Doug Lesmerises (Clev, OH) had Mich ranked 10th

Just thought this was a fun way to see how people around the country view different teams. I really wish this was the case with the Coaches Poll too.