AP Poll: Michigan also unranked

Submitted by Ali G Bomaye on September 2nd, 2014 at 2:46 PM

Michigan is not ranked in this week's AP poll:


I know that early-season rankings are generally garbage, but can anyone credibly say that Clemson and South Carolina deserve to be ranked after this past weekend?

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Because I think we're still getting our bearings on how we want to organize the board this season, we'll let it slide this week - I did change the title. For future weeks, I think we'll probably try to create dedicated threads for the polls to condense the board discussion a bit. After all, they tend to be not terribly different week to week ("tend to be", he said, now daring the poll gods). 


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The generic mod created "official x" threads are pretty sterile and lame. I'm 100% behind keeping threads limited during the season, but the user generated content here is a large part of what makes this a great place. Replace that with sterile mod approved "thread x", and it is suddenly less great. 


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I suppose it ultimately would depend on the amount of other news really - on a day where there is a lot happening, I would probably be more inclined to take the AP link, move it to the thread below with the Coaches' Poll, and repurpose it. Today? Eh, it's pretty slow, so whatever really. 

As for the snowflakes mentioned below, I know it isn't universally liked and I'll take the hit for enforcing the policy. It simply makes managing the board on gameday a bit easier with what I hope is a minimal sacrifice, and threads on specific points which aren't justly covered by a generic "snowflake" thread can stand as always. It's a judgment call. 

I am willing to listen always if people have suggestions though. I just do this because I want to help make it a even better place (and it is a great one as it is) too. 


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That you guys have a tough line to walk with the chaos that can occasionally reign supreme around here, but for the most part I think you all do a good job. That was just one small thing that came to mind. Not a huge deal either way, but I'd hate to lose any of the "community" feel that we've managed to maintain around here. 



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Well, the thread 5 down said we're 30th.  This one says unranked.  Seems like we have some conflcting info here!



/s (hopefully unnecessary)


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Well for one, Clemson, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas A&M were all top 25 teams to begin with. South Carolina and Clemson would have had to lose to a team outside the top 25 by a wide margin to drop completely out. Especially South Carolina considering they were at 9.  I do assume Michigan will be ranked if they beat ND. That will solve that. 


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was way, way under rated coming into the season considering they were 12-1 last year and won their bowl game.  Yes, they lost Charlie Strong and Bridgewater, but neither of them took the defense with them and apparently nobody told the offense they should suck without Bridgewater.


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Underrated, yes. Way, way underrated, I don't think so. Louisville lost OLB Marcus Smith to the draft. He was second in the NCAA last year with 14.5 sacks. They also lost both safeties Calvin Pryor and one more who's name slips me right now. I think Hakeem Smith. Considering that, plus injuries to RB Michael Dyer(2010 BCS Champ & MVP from Auburn) and leading WR Devante Parker before the start of the season, I can't see Louisville being that good this year. They also benefitted from a weak schedule last year. My original point wasn't to knock Louisville, I was stating that if they could get a bump from beating Miami, Michigan should get a bigger one from beating ND. 


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Commentators everywhere except BTN seem to be blowing Michigan off.  Players say they "don't pay attention" to any of it, but I am pretty sure they all know exactly what level of esteem the media hold them in.  Part of me hopes they keep being unranked and underrated so they can develop a full-blown "us against the world" attitude.


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However, given the way we played at the end of last year, and the loss of guys on the OLine, it's not unbelievable. I don't see how PSU could actually be ranked ahead of us, but we haven't really shown any reason to be ranked ahead of them. And a victory over UCF is better than one over App State.


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I think we can all agree that these first few polls are useless garbage only used to make the pre-season match ups look good.  How does anyone know how good some of these teams will be at the start of the season or even after one game?

Many people have brought up having the first rankings after week 5 or 6.  I am all for that although I know that will NEVER happen.

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Desmond had Michigan at 6th (20 points).  4 other voters had Michigan in the top 25, averaging about 21st (5 points).  The other 8 voters had them unranked.  Michigan got only 41 points in the poll of 13 ESPN people, so if Desmond had voted at that same average as the 4 who had them ranked, they'd be tied with Mississippi State, or possibly out of the top 25.


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Washington is still getting votes. Lol. Barely beat a 1win team from last year. Anyone that watched that game knowa Udub would've got trounced by almost any B1G week 1 opponent.