AP Poll: Michigan 18, coaches: 17

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1 Alabama
Alabama (56)
Record: 3-0
PV Rank
2 Oregon
Oregon (4)
Record: 3-0
3 Clemson
Record: 3-0
4 Ohio State
Record: 4-0
5 Stanford
Record: 3-0
Record: 4-0
7 Louisville
Record: 4-0
8 Florida State
Record: 3-0
9 Georgia
Record: 2-1
10 Texas A&M
Record: 3-1
11 Oklahoma State
Record: 3-0
12 South Carolina
Record: 2-1
Record: 3-0
14 Oklahoma
Record: 3-0
15 Miami (FL)
Record: 3-0
16 Washington
Record: 3-0
17 Northwestern
Record: 4-0
18 Michigan
Record: 4-0
19 Baylor
Record: 3-0
20 Florida
Record: 2-1
21 Mississippi
Record: 3-0
22 Notre Dame
23 Wisconsin
Record: 3-1
24 Texas Tech
Record: 4-0
25 Fresno State
Record: 3-0




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Yes you are correct.  Early opinions can often be wrong and these things eventually sort themselves out over the course of a season. 

Just like how there were idiots in the film industry who actually thought The Pumaman was going to be a good movie. It was not.

EDIT: Embed fail, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXsu0ueiB9k

EDIT2: Just an FYI, David From Wyoming, your avatar is awesome.


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My original question

When was the last time a team dropped multiple spots in the polls two weeks in a row after wins?

That did not happen to OSU this year. But maybe it does happen frequently, even if we just look for teams who dropped multiple spots in both the AP and USA Today polls two weeks in a row after wins. But I still don't know when the last time it happened was.

turd ferguson

September 22nd, 2013 at 1:47 PM ^

My guess is that it happens occasionally.  What's impressive about our fall is that it's not due to teams just below us in the rankings leaping up with good wins against good opponents.  We're doing this all by ourselves.


September 22nd, 2013 at 12:32 PM ^

Unrelated, but reading on ESPN that frank Clark said after the game that "were michigan, were going to stop playing down to our competition and get this fixed" while that's the right attitude, your not Michigan, your not playing like it at all, stop worrying about championships and start worrying about your play and blocking. We don't even have the basics down and talk about playing for titles.


September 22nd, 2013 at 1:00 PM ^

What do you want the coaches to do?  Bite the heads off bats and scream at these kids in front of cameras so you can see it?  Maybe you want to see video of them all running the steps at the stadium for 5 hours straight?  People who run around and scream stuff is unacceptable and the team is this or that have not a clue.  All you know is how the team is performing on the field, period, and you otherwise have theories as to what is going on for which you have no data nor evidence beyond your thoughts.  Here is the data and observations I can see based on the performance on the field:

1)  Gardner carries the ball very loose when running and scrambling.

2)  The offensive line does not do a very good job of keeping Gardner clean in general.

3)  Our QB's confidence and his ability to throw those darts he threw against ND is erratic.  Might have something to do with being his 9th start, might get better, might not.  He tries to do too much sometimes and carry this team.  Might have to do with the lack of experienced talent at WR beyond Gallon and the 3 middle o-lineman.  Maybe sitting and watching Denard for the past 3 years might have had an impact on this.

4)  Our defense actually played fairly decent yesterday, giving up only 7 real points as they did not give up the fumble return for a TD and they did not screw up the punt.

No doubt we could list a bunch more, which would be an exercise that would at least provide some rational basis as to what is going on and what might be done to fix it.  I doubt the issue is complacency, rather it is talent and experience and learning how to play your position and depend on others to do their jobs which is most likely in play.



September 22nd, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^

Most importantly, we can't all brag about what a likeable guy Hoke is, and how his fatherly appeal is what's helping us make great strides on the recruiting trail, than want him to go all Jeckle and Hyde on the players when they unfortunately demonstrate their lack of experience and further need for practice and game time. I imagine a few choice words and a dissapointed expression on his face is all that's needed to motivate the iconic "Michigan Men" we all claim to be the x-factor that's the magic ingredient that will further the Michigan football legacy.

Space Coyote

September 22nd, 2013 at 3:26 PM ^

Because Hoke doesn't call people out in the media or yell at guys on the sidelines, fans think that's exactly what he's like all the time in practice and in the locker room. It's idiotic.

I've read in multiple places things such as "Blocking isn't rocket science! The coaches need to get these guys fired up and just hit people!" Yup, that's the problem. "I've seen more emotion from DIII teams!" Yes, getting emotional is going to help the OL be more technically and fundamentally sound and not make mistakes. "DG doesn't even look like he cares!" That may be the opposite of true." The defense has their head up their ass and can't even think!" They may be over thinking things, which is why Mattison said they need to go back to fundamentals. "Where's the intensity!" It's not intensity that's missing, it's doing fundamentals correctly. It's knowing what your assignment is and doing it. It's why the coaches are trying to simplify things so they can look more aggressive and more natural. 

All these people that think football is about yelling at a reporter when your team is playing back, or cussing players out on the sideline during the game when they are obviously tight and pressing is the right answer, well, I hope those people aren't coaches, or managers, or in any position of leadership because they are severley lacking in that category.

But I promise you, these coaches are very intense in practice. They are pushing these players, not coddling them like people in these posts want to act like. They have high expectations for themselves and the players, but doing nothing but yelling, yelling at them on the sideline, isn't going to teach them to be better. It's a balance, and I promise you they are playing that balance and are yelling at times and are always intense. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not true.

Lastly, these people think because "this is Michigan" we should be able to just physically dominate and push people willy nilly anywhere we want, get your head out of your ass. All these players, regardless of how good they are, are going the strength programs and doing just as much work in that regard as the Michigan guys. It's about technique and doing things correctly that make a team like Michigan better, and the fact that if guys aren't better they should have ones that are behind them. The fact that they don't right now is because of a lack of depth and youth. But these aren't the days where you can simply just run over people because you're Michigan and they aren't. 


September 22nd, 2013 at 5:40 PM ^

..and maybe it's because I went to a D3 school:

"I've seen more emotion from DIII teams!"

I'm not sure how to break the news to whoever originally posted this gem but the difference between D1 and D3 football players is size and skill and athleticism, not the ability and/or willingness to care about the results of football games. Just because the vast majority of them aren't good enough to dream about professional football careers doesn't mean they don't play hard.


September 22nd, 2013 at 1:01 PM ^

at Clark's remark myself. The notion that "we're Michigan" and therefore we should win just doesn't follow and should be jettisoned. In fact, it sets you up for a fall, for everyone else to hate you as puffed up/entitled. Earn it, every year. Live up to that tradition. Don't claim it as your birthright.

This program has a large target on its back, and some of that is self-earned. Hoke and co. have the right idea saying that we're getting back to tough football, but this team--despite that--walked right into the hype this year. One can only hope that the twice-repeated dose of humble pie will be put to productive use. 

The last two games, if nothing else, were proof that the Hoke era is a work in progress, that simply anointing him the perfect coach for M doesn't guarantee his success. I think there's a real possibility that all three of our coaches are a bit behind the curve; the spread is a great equalizer among college programs. and neighter Hoke nor Borges are proponents. Hoke's plausible assumption is that some of M's advantages can be maximized to make us successful with manball, a la the U of AL; maybe. 

in both of these games we could have beaten the opponent handily by playing spread football and letting Devin dance wild; his confidence would look a bit different right now. (A short passing game, anyone?) I can see arguments going both ways. . . and as even Spielman could see last night, the run game eventually got going. Arguably, they HAD to game-plan the way they did. Maybe they assemble the perfect mix of plays from spread and i-form in the big games upcoming. But it resulted in the scores we've seen so far. 

There's STILL a pretty good chance we maul Minny, and roll toward the rest of the schedule with some momentum. We're not going to win (m)any games by big margins.

Most encouraging things about last night: the D is coming together. And the line sprung Fitz as the game wore on.  Granted, that was UConn.


September 22nd, 2013 at 1:58 PM ^

Not about system.  A good team is a good team.  Whatever the system you need to block, need to tackle.  Hoke has proven he is not a Lloyd Carr dinosaur.  They will go shotgun, will run the QB and will go for it on 4th down and 2 at the opponents 40 yard line.  And it's not about the offensive system, its about defense.  SEC has had spread running (Florida), spread passing (Auburn), Manball (Bama, LSU) win championships.  All except Auburn had great defenses.  Auburn hd the best player on the field that year.  Spread is smoke and mirrors for shit teams...lets them hang with the big boys where Manball cant be played successfully by the little guys.  Spread or Manball for top 25 teams....really just a matter of preference.  Advantages of spread minimizes talent difference to a point, then it doesnt matter anymore.  See RR era.