aOSU names 8(?) captains

Submitted by uofmdds96 on August 27th, 2013 at 9:20 PM… Leadership by committee? Then after the season someone will decide who is/are the real captains? That is like watching any sporting event with my 7 year old daughter and her saying that she is rooting for the team that wins. "They were all within 12 votes." So maybe GW Bush and John Kerry could have been co-presidents?


Mr. Yost

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Which is why I never really got upset over the Rich Rod thing. The guys in the locker room know who the captains are...who the leaders are. Everything else is for media guides and record books. Look at us...99% of this board KNEW Devin, Lewan and T. Gordon were the 3 captains. The locker room felt differently. I don't really worry about that crap. Hell, the QB or PG is always a captain on some teams, that's bullshit...your position doesn't make you a leader of a team. Your actions do.


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To much leadership is a bad thing. And none of these guys are official captains. They will be voted on after the season. Ahhhhhhh... Urban likes taking after Rich Rod. Hi defense might play like one too.


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but since it is, Rich Rod did the Pop Warner honorary captains for each game thing, and then I think they named permanent ones at the end of the season in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 the Senoir class decided to name full season captains.

Not eveything he did was bad. I liked some things he did: the Victors Walk, more open CTK videos, etc.

Revolving leadership is a bad idea.


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It is something I have said for years to my business partner who has two degrees from Ohio. Sorry, I guess I should join the team and use the proper vernacular. There are 13 "state" funded universities in Ohio. I have always found it quite grandiose of them to accentuate that they are "The" Ohio state university. Hence, the "a" as in "an".
I respectfully apologize for this deviance from the norm. Never again shall this letter flow from my fingers in such close approximation to the capital letter "O". Please have mercy upon my internet soul.


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That post and especially the comments encapsulates one of the key differences between our fan bases.Michigan names 4 captains and some fans are for it, some questioning why there are so many.  There's a difference of opinion, there's debate.  Here there is virtually unanimous gushing over what a great idea this is.  It's almost as though an Ohio State coach could lie through his teeth to the NCAA, reporters, and the president of the university and they would bring him back to a hero's welcome with nary a soul daring to object.


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While there is definitely a bit of a groupthink mentality hear, there is some discussion and dissention.   I check 11W occasionally because I like to know what's going on in opponent land and they seem to all gush over whatever Meyer does.  Every choice he makes must be the best because he is UFM.  They recently found out that their future game at VT is going to be on a Monday and everyone loved the idea for the exposure and being the only game on.  I expected to read a bunch of dissent over the shame of playing Monday and such but there was none of it.


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He's absolutely right, I just don't think he articulated it well.  Most of the time, a dissenting opinion is simply negged around here.  Hitting -1 has turned into a vehicle for expressing a disagreement with a concept.  Instead of offering a counterpoint, people would just -1 the post, which does not lend to a meaningful discussion. 

Perfect world?  I would say something similar to SBNation.  Only upvotes count.  The lack of upvotes would serve the same purpose as a downvote.  However, if you disagree with the point, it doesn't allow the mechanism to anonymously neg the person.  If you want to further the dialogue, you need to reply with a rebuttal.  It still allows for post moderation, but does not cheapen the discussion by allowing a cop out style disagreement.


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to punish people for flaming/trolling without punishing people for disagreeing. Ideally, this system wouldn't call for a mod each and every time, as would be the case without any self-moderation (the status quo, or the SBNation system). The previous system of simply collapsing trolling posts failed because legitimate, unpopular viewpoints were too easy to collapse, forcing people to read all collapsed posts for the chance to moderate them above that threshold. This defeats the purpose of collapsing them in the first place.

With the points system, you do get unfair punishment of unpopular viewpoints, but everyone can judge for themselves whether the post is legitimate or trolling. So the points system is still preferred, but self-moderation needs to be something all users are willing to honestly enforce or else we allow Groupthink to take over. Ideally, negs would be flagged with an adjective similar to the previous system, but without including "overrated" since that is too generic.


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One for each word:


Like Air Force and BYU, the captains will have nouns or verbs on their jerseys instead of their names. Which Buckeye is "Decisions?" Which is "stealing?"