Anzalone decommits from Ohio?

Submitted by readyourguard on May 4th, 2012 at 3:51 PM
The Twittersphere and Bucknuts is abuzz with news of a e-commitment from recently committed Anzalone

Any truth to the story? Ace?



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That's 2 for them this week.  What's happening over there?  (LB Neal was the other)

EDIT: My buddy who's a huge Ohio fan (his dad is the team doctor) says Anzalone is no longer even considering Ohio.


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Fickell and Vrabel were in Fort Wayne this weekend working out Jalen Smith and a couple other Luers players.  Smith is a ND lean so I expect that Ohio will really turn up the heat and try to get him since his brother plays there.  Interesting to see if they can flip him.  While it is a catholic school the coaching staff is very pro Ohio.


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He's had a ND offer for a long time.  Some of the tweets about his decommitment are from ND fans who are including "#Notre Dame offer" to indicate that he is a recruit who holds a ND offer, not that he received a ND today.  Nothing to do with his decommitement, it would seem.

Edit: ND offered Anzalone on 2/17/12.


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It may be a coincidence but I wonder if this had anything to do with the twitter thing that was revealed.  Obviously OSU isn't really at fault there, but you never know.  


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Smith is going to end up at ND.  Most OSU fans are coming to that realization at this point.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Urbie try to make a run at Gedeon.  We will have to recruit him all the way to signing day (as we should all of our current commits).

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Especially the fact that he is no longer even considering Ohio. Not really sure what to make of it especially coupled with the other decommit earlier this week.  Seemed like Ohio really wanted him.  Could Ohio have less room than they originally planned or other needs to fill? Or did Ohio do something shady that made him reconsider?  Because it is really strange to all of sudden completely eliminate a school you just committed to with almost a year left to decide.


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Another tweet, this one, if true, says Anzalone has completely ruled out OSU.

Anzalone RT @AthletesInSpace Sean Fitz of PSU's 247 sports confirmed his decommitment and said he's no longer considering OSU.

I found this one from 11 Warriors so I don't have the actual tweet, but if true, not good for OSU.

Some on 11 Warriors seem to think this has to do with an ND offer, but I'm fairly sure he's had an ND offer for a while. More seem to think it has to do with the Waugh story.

Some are also worried Bosa will be the next one to decommitt. If this happens, this would be great as Michigan fans, but more importantly hopefully the kids are okay, and have some peace to deal with whatever may be happening.

Also, hopefully they don't go to ND after this, but if they do, better ND than OSU. I still trust ND to implode with Kelly at the head regardles of who they recruit.


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The schadenfreude is pretty thick over there. In one thread you have posters...

-Declaring Bosa to be gone.

-Declaring they're done following recruiting.

-Demanding that Urban not let him back in once he tries to recommitt.

-Making a bizarre historical analogy of the extremes that Urban will go to shore up this class to what Harry Truman would do to end a war... (Hopefully this is accurate because, um, Korea?)

-The same guy declaring OSU's "lowest common denominator" fans "the worst in the country," (the scales fall from your eyes)

-Declaring this to be the result of other Big Ten programs being so scared of Urban.