Anzalone "Clarification"

Submitted by Wave83 on May 6th, 2012 at 11:28 AM

For whatever it is worth, here is a local (Reading, Pennsylvania) news article from this morning quoting Anzalone's father "clarifying" his and his son's view of Ohio after the recent kerfuffle about the spring game and the pictures with the registered sex offender.


I'm not sure whether this is really a clarification, or a changing of the mind, or something else.



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So, Urban's call was clearly to tell Sal that he better retract quickly or face the OSU legal machine.  This kid ain't going to Ohio.  Just more strong-arm tactics from a school and coach that get 'er done.   


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What screws can he use on the kid's father?  In the media, Urban can't even mention Anzalone without commiting a violation, while Anazalone could totally trash Meyer if he wanted.

The good doctor just wants his family out of the media glare and maybe felt he went a little overboard after Urban called with his side (spin) of the story.

Zone Left

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Reading between the lines, I get the sense that some of the fans around town were acting like lunatics when they found out who the recruits were. Those people are going to exist everywhere, but Anzalone probably ran into a couple of particularly egregious offenders and, when combined with the sex offender thing, pushed him over the edge.


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I don't think it was just fans--I suspect his social experience on campus with current players was a bit different from what he, or more precisely his father, was expecting.

The comment that they shouldn't be "taking him to these kinds of places" was telling.  That wasn't a reference to Buffalo Wild Wings, or someplace where there were some nutty fans. That was a trip to a strip joint or a brothel or Rife's tat parlor or maybe just an over-the-top wild on-campus party, something that offended the sensibilities of the family. I can't think of anything else that would quite fit the comments from the dad.


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The amount of biased speculation in this post is a bit much. This kid didn't go to a brothel or strip club. A picture of him with a registered sex offender showed up in the media. If it was your son, wouldn't you lose it a bit? Anzalone didn't get taken to Amsterdam, come on.


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your post would be yet another example of biased speculation.


"I was concerned with what recruits do and with them being allowed to visit these kind of places where it puts kids at risk."

If all that happened was that a picture, taken at a Buffalo Wild Wings, of my son with a registered sex offender showed up in the media, the focus of my anger wouldn't be on the fact that he was taken to a restaurant. Whoever he might have had the misfortune to meet there, this is not the kind of place typically thought of as "putting kids at risk." I'd be saying something like "being allowed to meet these kinds of people", not complaining about BW3.

And it's kind of funny that a Buckeye fan thinks you have to go to Amsterdam to find a place like Rife's tat parlor or that there aren't any slimy strip clubs around your town.

For what it's worth, though, you might be right that it didn't happen in town. When Smith was at ASU they always kept it on campus, didn't they?

Magnum P.I.

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This is just damage control by Papa Anzalone. His initial statements were pretty strong, and once he realized the fallout he wanted to get the spotlight off of him and his family. In cases like this, I'll trust the initial reaction over the post-hoc politically correct one.


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Sounds like his goal is to reduce the noise surrounding his comments, but I'm not sure this helps him do that.  This is such a massive 180, that now I really want to know what's going on.  Why would you say 'there's something wrong with Ohio State' or whatever it was, and then completely reverse position the next day when the media asks you about it?  Were these just poorly chosen words in the midst of an emotional time for him?  Or was there something going on, and he just doesn't want to deal with the media backlash?  What did he discuss with Meyer on Friday night?

I guess there is some possible scenario where he ends up there, but for my money I agree with the posters above who think Anzalone to OSU is not happening in all likelihood... this is just too weird / noisy / negative at this point.


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From reading the article, it seems to me that this is exactly what Sal Anzalone is trying to do, and it might very well help as time goes on, but perhaps not in the short-term as it seems the Ohio fanbase,  for the  time being, has come alive with vitriol directed at  him.

His initial remarks obviously sparked a reaction from the crazies of the Ohio fanbase (also the instantaneous curiosity of throngs of reporters from countless media markets who wanted a story about further problems at an already punished program) which he was not prepared to deal with, and he is once again looking out for his family by making an effort to take the wind out of the sails of at least a few people by saying what he has here. Probably a smart move regardless of actual feelings. 

To be completely fair, as many on the board have pointed out, this really could happen anywhere to any institution - schools can't guarantee the behavior or nature of inidividual fans inside their fanbases, so from that perspective, what he is saying makes sense. Can some do a better job perhaps monitoring the access people have to recruits and events? More than likely, but it isn't a foolproof thing. 

As for the phone call from Urban, it was probably a phone call Urban felt he should make, and really, he probably should have if for no other reason than to apologize on behalf of the program and the university - in other words, to do some damage control. Because of how awkward this story would make things, I would be surprised if Anzalone ended up at Ohio. I don't think it would have been in good taste for Urban to call solely because of the decommitment, or at least, I would hope that Meyer is at least that adept socially. 


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Also, is anyone else disgusted (but also 0% surprised) at the commenters from 11w and other Ohio State boards that are directing their fire at Anzalone's dad for - heaven forbid! - looking out for his son's best interests?

Buckeyes gonna buck.

Sione's Flow

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Probably did the retraction just to get the fanatics to stop harassing his son. You know the backlash had to be fierce ala Kyle Kalis. I don't think Anzalone winds up at tsiO, because of their fans, harassing him. How ironic would it be for Anzalone to wind up at Florida


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Any chance he considers Maize and Blue now? We originally told him we were full, but perhaps that was based on an assumed Levenberry commitment... Now that he's gone, perhaps Anzalone would be welcome?


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Also, if there were shenanigans during the kid's on-campus visit, I'm sure OSU let him know that it's interest to not let anyone open that door.


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I can't hold this in anymore. This will probably get me negged for being weird and off-topic, but everytime time I see something on Alex Anzalone, my mind reads his last name as Anal Zone. I will never be able to take this kid seriously because his name sounds like a booth at an adult video convention. There, I said it.


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I think there is definitely more to the story. There are rumors that the kids went to a Buffalo Wild Wings and were served beer and given food for free. I don't understand how the guy is not a booster if this is true. I really hope the kid is ok. It honestly has to be really stressful to him. I definitely don't wish for anything like this to happen to anybody even if they are committed to Ohio. I think the media and some of the crazy fans should leave him alone for a while so he can concentrate on other things for a little while.


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The rumer that they were given beer is baseless and is a nothing more than a strategy to make a possible minor violation seem much worse. Buffalo Wild Wings is 5 minutes from the stadium, practically on campus. Reports have press and some assistant coaches/managers there at the same time. These kids weren't drinking, weren't served beer, and wouldn't do something that dumb in front of the media and members of the staff even if they were. At the very most, they were given some free food and just didn't think twice about it. 

The BdubsGuru story broke after Anzalone had reportedly visited UF, and most likely only played a small role.


May 6th, 2012 at 9:36 PM ^

that OSU posters tried to use before tattoo-gate and the evidence of monetary payoffs to athletes.  You cite unsubtantiated "reports" about the incident to deny what you say are unsubstantiated reports.  

The initial statement by Anzalone and his father suggest that there were things going on that they did not want to discuss.  The picture of Anzalone pointing at the Ohio fan/sexual predator seems consistent the appearance of someone under the influence.  Then we hear reports that students got beer.   So far, that version sounds at least as plausible as your account. 


PS I heard a "rumer" that you don't know how to spell rumor.  You repeat the same error.  Great education you guys get at Ohio.


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should keep his mouth shut.

E.G. What father says the word beef (not cow) in a public statement to a newspaper?

P.S. I use that kind of slang in my everyday talk, but not at work.


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I'd be shocked if he ends up at OSU now. I think UFM would take him, but the awkwardness generated by the whole situation is too much. I don't at all blame the kid for wanting to rethink his commitment or his Dad for being concerned. It's just a sad, terrible situation all around. I do think Sal's comments to the local paper were unwarranted and emotional rather than thought out. With the millions of fans for any program there are bound to be some that are registered sex offenders/pedophiles. If someone is out in public at a restaraunt or walking in Columbus, the staff and school can't screen every person that a recruit might see. I think the OSU athletic department handled it about as well as anyone could. The immediate action to alert athletes/recruits about the guy so that they knew who they were dealing with is what any parent should ask of the school. Regardless, Alex should figure out what is best for him and move on.