Anyone in Seoul for The Game?

Submitted by jippolito on November 22nd, 2016 at 7:08 AM

Trying to get a viewing party sorted, if there's any interest. At a bar, of course, since "come over to my house at 2 am" is a little strange.



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I imagine if you go to Itaewon, you should be able to find something.  Due to the horrifyingly large number of Buckeye's in the military the crowd may not be as pro-Michigan as you may like, but there should be something going there.  Likely at a bar with an AFN feed as well if I remember correctly.


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With great fear and trepidation, I will ask: Is there a spot to watch The Game in Stockholm, Sweden? I reviewed the bar locator and nothing is listed for Sweden 


If any UM fan finds themselves in Stockholm, let's find a spot to watch UM kick OSU's ass!!!


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THIS is why it's perfectly fine to ask "Where can I watch the Michigan game in XXX" on MgoBlog.  

In fact, it's the ideal place.

MGoBlog has a well-traveled membership that follows Michigan sports closely.  People need to get off their high-horses about giving somebody a hard time for asking who just wants to wacth the game.

Do you know what you get when you Google "Where can I watch the Michigan game in XXX"?

A link to MGoBlog.



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Are you sure?  I cannot see that Eagle 1 carries college sports.  Bars normally only show what they can get from a TV feed and college sports on TV don't generally exist in Europe (or at least not in Scandinavia).  


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I think the ESPN TV presence died in Europe a few years ago.  There was a network called North American Sports Network (NASN) for a while.  ESPN acquired them and carried on for a few more years.  Then the whole thing was killed in 2013 or so. 

In any event, I recommend a backup plan: internet connection and appropriate device + an ESPN Player account.  


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The Alumni Association unfortuntately does not have any 'official" watch parties in Long Island. If you find yourself in the city, here are our official club spots on behalf of the U-M Alumni Club of NYC.




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No, but I will be at SeaWorld. That's what happens when your kids' birthdays are 11/24 and 11/29 and your wife doesn't care for sports. If my little buddy wants to go to SeaWorld, by golly that's where we're going. I'll DVR the game and loosely follow the score on my phone. Hopefully it'll make the day more awesome, but I'll have fun either way.

Everyone Murders

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I'm probably going to stay in my secret lair in Kadan Kyun, and was thinking of heading out to Gyindaungchaung to catch the game, but could not find a Michigan bar.

I did find a number of natives wearing "Florida - 2016 Citrus Bowl Champions" t-shirts, so I'm guessing there are football fans around.

(Good luck to the OP.  I'm guessing there are enough Michigan fans in Seoul to get a quorom together to watch the game.)

Blue Balls Afire

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It's a peculiar predilection of this board where attempts to congregate with fellow like-minded individuals among the largest alumni in the world is frowned upon--ie, a bunch of pedantic MOD wannabe's and their sycophantic enablers who jump on the hater band wagon whenever someone has the gall to ask where or how to meet up with fellow MgoFans.


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I think they are the vocal minority.  This thread is a good example.

Nobody should whine about seeing a "Where can I catch the game in _____________?" thread.  This blog is the best place on the internet to find an answer to that question.  The blog's participants are much more well-traveled than your average Internetter and this is the biggest collection of Michigan fans online!

Naked Bootlegger

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Thinking of flying to Seoul to watch The Game.  That might be fun. Will let you know my flight details soon.

Non-snark reply:  Visited Seoul recently for the first time on a work trip.   Was randomly walking across a crowded intersection and was hailed by a random "Go Blue" laced with a heavy Korean accent.  A young man with a beaming face was smiling at me.   I was wearing a Michigan shirt.   I returned the smile and "Go Blue" and enjoyed Seoul.  #MICHIGANDIFFERENCE


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not seoul, but im in tokyo and the alumni group here is hosting (along with the osu alumni group) a game watch at a bar so its not unheard of. might be worth looking up the alumni groups on facebook to see if anything similar is happening in seoul. check out osu alumni groups as a last resort.


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I am going to be driving home for 9 hours on Saturday.

Naturally, my phone will off and the game will be recorded so when I walk in the door at 7pm, I can start drinking and acting like it's noon!

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There is a lot of hype for this game, everywhere.  It's going to be hard to avoid it.

Keep your eyes down and your ears closed at rest stops.  You may be best served to pee in the woods and bring cereal bars to eat for your trip.

I wouldn't even look at any billboards.


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Please see link.


Wolverine Fellas,

The venue is now confirmed to be as it was planned. (The Upper Deck @ Itaewon).

One thing to keep in mind - OSU Alumni will be there too but we will enjoy the game ourselves on a separate floor (unless you want to try some trolling/trash talking at their faces)

The College Game Day will be taken place for this game so hopefully we will be able to gather up bit earlier at 1-ish AM on this coming sunday.

The charge is not determined but 2~30K won would be more than sufficient and foods/keg will be supplied.

Hopefully we will be able to get fired up and enjoy the Game together.

Go Blue!

Dear all Wolverines,

Maybe too early to announce, but this is to give you a heads up for the possibly greatest 'The Game' in this decade after the heartbreaking let down back in 2006.

Nothing except the game time has been decided yet, but I believe it would be nice to discuss about how we are gathering and enjoying it along with growing enthusiasm. Much appreciate your inputs and ideas :)"


Info on bar.


have fun.